Light and dark

As part of our topic we have been learning about fire. We learnt that fire gives us light and that years ago people didn’t have electricity for lights they used candles for light.

As a surprise Miss Irwin had made us a dark den. It had material all over it and lights underneath. We liked it that much Miss Irwin said she might make us more dark dens.

   So watch this space.:)

Surprise, it’s a Reptile!

Today Miss Irwin had surprise for us.

  A bearded dragon lizard called Mikey.  
  We got to spend the whole day learning about him. First we had a hold and felt his scales.  
  We used our IPad time to take some photos of Mikey looking at his legs, claws and scales.  
Continuing with our measuring targets for this week we measured objects next to Mikey to see if he was larger or smaller than them. 
  Some of us used rulers to measure how long Mikey actually was. He was 42cm long.  
This afternoon we started our writing about Mikey and tried to you use super sentences by using punctuation. Finger spaces are the hardest so if you want to help us at home with our writing that would help us improve.

Before we went home we said a happy birthday to Miss Brindley as she turned 18 on Tuesday.


Dinosaurs everywhere!

For the last few days we have been enjoying our dinosaur topic. 

Miss Brindley made us a messy dinosaur tray. We enjoyed putting dinosaurs in it and doing some role play.   We enjoyed using our small world, moving the dinosaurs around the land and making them eat plants and each other! 
 On the malleable table we used our playdough to create our own dinosaurs using tools to make teeth marks and cutting playdough to make spines and plates.  
As part of our creative work we are making different dinosaur shakers with Miss Brindley. When making our shakers we have to think about the noise in the shakers and how our dinosaur might have sounded when they moved. Keep watching the blog to see our shakers when they are finished.

 Miss Sherliker has been helping us this week by making sure we are secure with the names of our 2D shapes. We made 2D dinosaurs by cutting and sticking the shapes in place. We all did so well we got our target for maths on Friday.   
By using the dinosaur library we have been learning some amazing facts. Did you know a T-Rex’s tooth was the same length as our head as measured from the top of our skull to our chin! 😮

  During our IPad time this week we worked with Miss Irwin to learn how to take close up photos of the dinosaurs in the small world. Our  technology skilłs were very impressive. We are going to use these photos to write information sentences next week.  
Don’t they look realistic?  

Super sentences, yes no games,  silly socks, pirate traps, shark attacks and Ipads afternoon.

Today we wrote our first sentences after learning our karate punctuation. We learnt sentences start with capital letters, finger spaces and full stops. Look how well we did. 

  During reading time we practised reading questions and deciding wether the answer was yes or no. 

Some of us enjoyed a relaxing read in the reading corner.
  Then we had chance to share our crazy socks with each other.  
  Outside we starting to make some Pirate traps using a collection of many different objects.  
We took our shark hats down from the display and pretended to be sharks again before we took them home. Some of us might have tried to form a shark attack on Miss Irwin but unfortunately she spotted us first! We don’t know how she realised! 

In the afternoon we got to spend practising our technology skills by playing with the iPads,
  Busythings and Beebots.  

Fact: sharks can be as long as the school corridor

In the morning we did our quiet reading, Miss Irwin was very impressed with how much some of us have been reading at home. 📖👍

We learnt a new sound ‘c’. We should now recognise s,a,t,p,I,n,m,d,g,o,c and begin to segment and blend them into c-v-c words such as dog, God, cat, dad, sit etc. Please help us at home to learn them too. 

During some maths time Miss Irwin let some of us do some careful counting with ink which was great fun.

This afternoon we had some fantastic ideas. We learnt what ‘facts’ are, they are true bits of information. We looked at a website about sharks. We were amazed at the facts. 

We learnt

  1. Sharks have been living on Earth long before Dinosaurs.
  2. That sharks can grow to 13m long.
  3. They can have 20,000 teeth in their lifetime.
  4. That sharks have strong jaws.
  5. Sharks are meat eaters called ‘carnivores’

You can look at the website here. Shark facts

After learning these facts we went outside to measure how long a whale shark would be. We used a measuring wheel and chalk. 

  It was a very long way!  
 Then we measured 13m inside the school corridor. It was from our classroom to the wall by the hall.

  We also made some sharks structures, had a go on an obstacle course, made more inventions with the marble runs. We did some drawing and experienced terential rain.

 Such a fun filled day. What will tomorrow bring?



On Friday we spent some time watching a story called ‘Shark in the park’, written by Nick Sharrat. Some of us new the story, some of us didn’t.
You can watch it with us at home by clicking this link. Shark in the Park!

Perry reads the story then asks us questions afterwards. It’s was a really good way for us to learn how to talk about books and what to look for in books when we read with an adult.

Miss Irwin told us our new topic was going to start with ‘Shark in the Park ‘ ideas. We sat together as a class and talked about ideas of things we would like to do based on the story. This is what we came up with…


After planning we got to choose different toys and things to play with. We made castles and cars from junk, did some building in the sand, did some baking in the shed, played with the magnets, dressed up as princess’s and got messy in the foam.

After a morning of fun we had our first school lunch in the hall. We were brilliant and not phased one bit. Miss Irwin was extremely impressed again! We are all so grown up, she says she thinks our brains must be very big for us to be this sensible and grown up.

We’ve also been giving Miss Irwin lots of hugs, so not only are we a clever class we are also a very kind and caring class.

We’ve had a great start to our new school. Let’s hope it continues with our full days next week. 😃