Moving up days

Today was the first of three moving up days. 

We came into class as normal but then after register we went down to Class Moses. We met the children and Mrs Lamb who we are going to be with next year. 

This morning we talked through the differences between our classroom and class moses’ classroom. We learnt where everything was, most importantly where the toilets were. We sat at the tables in’fab 4’s’. We looked at the behaviour ladder and noticed there was a bronze, silver and gold to work through past green. We got to move our pegs up the ladder when we showed good behaviour.

Each of us were given a stick to decorate at our new table. We wrote our names on them. They go into a pot and Mrs Lamb uses them to pick someone for jobs or to answer questions. 

We drew around our hands and coloured it in. These are going to be for our ‘helping hand jobs’. 

Some of us also managed to colour ourselves! 

To finish we wrote four sentences about ourselves, then had a story with Mrs Douce.

Miss Sherliker said we were all very well behaved and worked really hard to show Mrs Lamb how we are ready to be year 1’s. 

After lunch we went back to our classroom and wrote some secret sentences about Mrs Lamb. Tomorrow she will be asked to pick some good writers to go in our prize box. 


Meet the teacher presentation


Dear Parents,

Thank you to those of you who were able to give your time to come and meet me on Monday night to find out about the forthcoming year in Reception.

I know we all lead busy lives and it can be difficult to make meetings at school but I must urge you all to remember the key point of my meeting – ‘We must work together at home and in school to support your child as an individual in their learning’.

Nothing is ever to small to talk to me about and I am here to help you in anyway I can. The children that do have extra support at home are proven to do better in their Early Learning Goals and often exceed national standards at Astbury. It has been noted that my last 3 cohorts of learners, where pupils have had extra support at home have gone on to do well in statutory government tests in Phonics and SATS.

For those of you who were unable to attend here is the PowerPoint document Meet the teacher EYFS 2015 . It is a brief outline of  the curriculum, expectations and general things that need to be adhered to i.e. names in clothes and reading everyday. I hope the information is helpful but if you still have questions please get in contact with me.

I hope the forthcoming year will be an exciting experience for your child and for you as parents.

Remember you can come and help anytime you wish in class, all you have to do is ask. 🙂

Kind regards

Miss Irwin

Meet the Teacher- Monday 7th September at 6pm

Dear Parents,

Please remember to come to the meet the teacher evening tomorrow at 6pm in class Jonah. Entrance will be through the main school door, you can park on the staff car park, but spaces are limited.

During the presentation I will discuss the curriculum, timetables, expectations and hopefully answer any questions you may have. It is important that you come to this meeting, however if you can not attend please email or ring school to let me know.

01260 272528  or

The PowerPoint will be put on the blog after the meeting for those who could not attend. I am also happy to discuss any concerns privately if you so wish and appointments can be made for this.

Many thanks

Miss Irwin