Blue planet trip

Our trip started with a fresh smell of the countryside! 

Lydia gave us a lesson. First she tested us on our sea animal knowledge. We got them all correct.πŸ‘πŸ» Then we categorised them into swimming animals, walking animals or both.

We learnt sharks don’t like the taste of humans because humans have iron in their blood and they taste like metal. 

We also learnt some small fish live inside the bell of jellyfish. This is to protect them from larger fish because the bell has no sting . 

Did you know Dolphins hold their breath under water because they have lungs like we do.

We learnt that lobsters can swim and walk and they live in a burrow. Lobsters can only swim backwards.

Did you know Starfish have 250 legs under each arm. We got to touch a starfish.

After our lesson we had lunch in the cafe watching the fish. 

We have seen some awesome fish and reptiles today.

We loved the aquatheatre talk and watching the divers feed the stingrays.

It has been a brilliant trip. We haven’t stopped all day! 

Thank you to all the adults who helped today. πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ πŸŸπŸ‘πŸ¦€πŸ¬πŸ³πŸ’πŸ‹πŸŠπŸ•·πŸ¦‚

It’s looking a bit fishy!

Our topic plan this term was to learn more about animals with the focus on sea animals. In our first week back at school we have been learning about fish. We watched many YouTube videos about fish and learnt about their gills and fins. However, it just didn’t seem real enough! 

So what better way to learn about fish than for us to actually look and touch them. As you can imagine some of us welcomed the challenge and some of us faced a fear of touching something new and unknown! 

And our new fish is called…

After a lot of different suggestions

  • Rex –Lucas
  • Red Nose-Savannah
  • Eric- Evie and Daddy
  • Jax-Fahren
  • Belle-Emily
  • Lily-Millie
  • Firework-Erin
  • Becky-Hannah
  • Jessica-Lily
  • Lyra –Theo
  • Katsuma-Romeo
  • Roxy-Ben
  • Tia-Bobby
  • Catherine-Becky
  • Fire-Jacob
  • T Rex-Cody
  • Flame or Harry-Olivia
  • Flame – Miss Irwin
  • Madagascar-Bodhi

The name was picked out of a pot by Millie and her new name is …



New things in class Jonah

Some exciting things have appeared in class Jonah today! Miss Irwin went to find out about having another shark for the tank but the fish man said the sharks can grow up to 50cm long. So Miss Irwin decided that a shark would not fit in the fish tank. The man suggest a Chinese siamese fighting fish! So here is our new fighting fish in United red colours!




However, she doesn’t have a name! Miss Irwin would like name suggestions for her. The best suggestion will become her new name. Post your name suggestions as a comment on the blog.


The other thing that appeared was a new greenhouse for us to grow our seeds in. Inside are some strawberry plants, lettuce and tomato plants.

This term we are going to watch our sunflowers grow along side our vegetables and we  will hopefully plant some more things we can transfer to our bed on the new allotment.