Mystery reader- a big sister!

On Friday 18th we were lucky enough to have another mystery reader. This mystery reader was special because she is A’s big sister from Class Noah. G said she’d always wanted to be a mystery reader as she remembered when her dad came and was a mystery reader when she was in Class Jonah. She said she loves reading and really wanted to read to us.  
 G read us the story ‘No-Bot’ written by Sue Hendra. It’s all about a robot who lot his bottom!

Thank you G for coming to be a mystery reader.

Sneaky peek at the book fair 😇

  After school some of the teachers got a sneaky peek at the book fair. We get very excited at the sight of new books.👏🏼

I’ve found some books I thought might be suitable for children in class Jonah. These looked good and  relate to our topic. 

Then I thought about half term coming up and saw these workbooks and thought they’d be perfect for all of the class (especially the boys).    

There were also some great story time books by favourite authors which you could enjoy at home. 

Please make sure you give yourselves some time to come and look at the books with your child. 

As a teacher I really value quality reading books and think making reading fun and exciting from an early age is really important. If children enjoy reading at an early age they are more likely to become life long lovers of reading.


Reading is a basic life skill. So please help your child at home to be a great reader.

Kind regards

Miss Irwin 🙂

School Book Fair starts tomorrow!

The scholastic book fair starts tomorrow. A leaflet went in your child’s bag which included vouchers. Please read the leaflet on how you can use them to purchase books.

All children will get a chance over the next week to go and view the books and make a list of books they like. We ask that you come with your children after school to look at the books. Books must be paid for before they can be given to children. If you can not manage to come and view the books you can order books. Please send in book order slips with the money in an envelope, clearly labelled with your child’s name and the words ‘Book Fair’.

A percentage of the sales comes back to school as funds to buy new books. New books are a much needed resource in school. Over the last 3 years we have managed to buy new guided reading books for Key stage 2 children and free reader books for key stage 1. So please remember that every book that’s purchased will help with your child’s reading education.

Thank you in advance.

Miss Irwin.



How we make reading fun! 

This week we had a change to our guided reading time. We mixed up our groups and spent time with an adult playing games, using the IPads and creating imaginative stories.

With Miss Brindley we used our story building jigsaws to create our own story. Our target was to use different story starter words and phrases such as first and ‘Once upon a time’. We also practised using time connectives such as next, then, suddenly, finally and ‘the end’.The adults have been videoing our stories as we’ve told them and Miss Irwin is planning on having a cinema session at the end of term where we can watch them back to see how well we’ve progressed.    With Miss Sherliker we used the IPads to read ‘Dinosaurs love Underpants’ written by Clare Freedman and Ben Cort.  We practised the skill of reading a book on an IPad and looking at the larger words in the story. We ❤️ this story.

  With Miss Irwin we practised recognising alphabet letters by playing sound snap. Our target was to remember letters in their lowercase and capital letter form and which letters make initial sounds of words. As part of playing snap we learnt to take take turns and that even if we don’t win it’s ok because we can always play again. 

  By learning that reading links into everything we do it has made us more aware of how to use our language and phonic skills. We like guided reading time and we have great fun doing it! 😀 

To continue to help us with our targets please help us make up our own stories at home and by reading every day.

Super sentences, yes no games,  silly socks, pirate traps, shark attacks and Ipads afternoon.

Today we wrote our first sentences after learning our karate punctuation. We learnt sentences start with capital letters, finger spaces and full stops. Look how well we did. 

  During reading time we practised reading questions and deciding wether the answer was yes or no. 

Some of us enjoyed a relaxing read in the reading corner.
  Then we had chance to share our crazy socks with each other.  
  Outside we starting to make some Pirate traps using a collection of many different objects.  
We took our shark hats down from the display and pretended to be sharks again before we took them home. Some of us might have tried to form a shark attack on Miss Irwin but unfortunately she spotted us first! We don’t know how she realised! 

In the afternoon we got to spend practising our technology skills by playing with the iPads,
  Busythings and Beebots.  

Jumping stars ⭐️

We all came back to school today smiling and excited about our learning. Miss Irwin said she could see our brains had grown.

Today we learnt our new sound ‘b’ a little tricky to write as is does look like ‘d’. But we try to remember b has a belly and we have to write the stick part of the letter first. Not like d where we write the curl first.

After play we finished our Shark in the dark story map. We are brilliant at reading stories using pictures and words now. Maybe if you have the story at home we could read it to you!

After lunch we had P.E our targets were

  • To be aware of things around us and b safe.
  • To use our balancing skills.
  • To be able to try different types of jumps.

 As you can see we loved jumping and all managed to jump from all the different heights of apparatus with confidence. We could do a forwards jump and a star jump. 

Over the next few days we will finish our sharks and start planning our new topic that we have picked! So watch this space! 😀