Sad news and a funeral 😢

The morning of our return to school, we had some bad news. The smaller duckling had an accident and died after it had jumped out of its carry box and hurt itself. 

After some sad moments we decided to make sure we’d look after the one duckling that was left. To celebrate the ducklings time on earth we decided to have a funeral and write some prayers. 

Some of us wanted to read our prayers out. We used the steps as our pulpit like the big ones use in church. 

Surprise, it’s a Reptile!

Today Miss Irwin had surprise for us.

  A bearded dragon lizard called Mikey.  
  We got to spend the whole day learning about him. First we had a hold and felt his scales.  
  We used our IPad time to take some photos of Mikey looking at his legs, claws and scales.  
Continuing with our measuring targets for this week we measured objects next to Mikey to see if he was larger or smaller than them. 
  Some of us used rulers to measure how long Mikey actually was. He was 42cm long.  
This afternoon we started our writing about Mikey and tried to you use super sentences by using punctuation. Finger spaces are the hardest so if you want to help us at home with our writing that would help us improve.

Before we went home we said a happy birthday to Miss Brindley as she turned 18 on Tuesday.


Jumping stars ⭐️

We all came back to school today smiling and excited about our learning. Miss Irwin said she could see our brains had grown.

Today we learnt our new sound ‘b’ a little tricky to write as is does look like ‘d’. But we try to remember b has a belly and we have to write the stick part of the letter first. Not like d where we write the curl first.

After play we finished our Shark in the dark story map. We are brilliant at reading stories using pictures and words now. Maybe if you have the story at home we could read it to you!

After lunch we had P.E our targets were

  • To be aware of things around us and b safe.
  • To use our balancing skills.
  • To be able to try different types of jumps.

 As you can see we loved jumping and all managed to jump from all the different heights of apparatus with confidence. We could do a forwards jump and a star jump. 

Over the next few days we will finish our sharks and start planning our new topic that we have picked! So watch this space! 😀

Hidden treasure

This morning during choosing Katie and Tilly found a treasure map and a clue. 

We all got very exited when we thought we might find some treasure. We don’t know where it came from but we definitely wanted to follow it.    

  We looked at the map and read the clues then set of with the map.  
  We found another clue.  
  Then another.  
  In Mrs Hodder’s area was another clue.  
Then we found the most important clue the one with the X! 

 We went looking for the cross and we found treasure.
It was a game called chairs. 

After our hunt we had our parents lunch.

Lots of family members came. It was a lovely lunchtime with very yummy food. We’ve had two days on the run now where the whole class has eaten a hot dinner. Alison even fainted she was so shocked! 

In the afternoon we got to see real shark teeth. Sophie brought them in for show and tell. 

 We also spent time making maps and hiding treasure. 


Busy days – cvc writing, patterning making, more sharks and map writing.

Now we have learnt s,a,t,p,I,n,m,d,o, g, c, k,ck,e even more letters we can write words.   
  We have also been learning to recognise and copy patterns.   

  …and of course we carried on our theme of shark in the park, by covering our shark models with messy mod rock.   
On the writing table some of us started to make maps. 


Story telling, marble runs and shopping lists.

This morning we spent our reading time learning our story maps of ‘shark in the Park’ by retelling them to our friends. 

Miss Irwin and Mrs Hamilton were bursting with pride we did so well. Sidney was picked as Headteacher Award for his storytelling techniques. We think you would agree he was very good. 

Click here to see him read it using his story map.

Shark in the park by Sidney
We were all fantastic, please ask us at home to retell you the story using our story telling voices.   
 After lunch we had an afternoon of trying out our new talking telephones. We had to think about what to talk about which at times was a bit tricky!

Today we played with smaller marble runs. We learnt how to fix them together to make different ‘Inventions’.   

 We also played in the supermarket, buying food with our shopping lists and being the till operators.