Newsletter 26.9.14


Dear Parents,

we have had a very busy week learning our new story Superworm, going to the field doing worm dancing. Learning how to do careful counting and practising writing our new sounds. Its no wonder we are so tired on Fridays when we work that hard!

This week we have learnt the letters n,m,d. Miss Irwin taught a rude way to remember how to write our d so we don’t get it mixed up with other letters. She says we have to draw a big curly bum first, then go up the stick and down the stick. The is makes a d. It seems to help us remember which way to do it. We know we can only use the ‘big bum’ term when we are writing our d’s.

In our careful counting we have been practicing counting objects one at a time with our counting finger. Some of us can count really high. WOO HOO!

Next week we will be learning more about insects and worms. We will be making our own Superworm and wormery. In Maths we will continue to count carefully, recognise our numbers, practice forming our numbers and to see if we can recognise bigger and smaller groups. In phonics we will be practicing our new sounds g, o and c – if our brains are big enough!

How you can help at home

  • Practise writing our letters with us and trying to put them into words like mad, dad, tin, pin.
  • Help us to remember our numbers and our counting by playing counting games with us when we are playing at home-how many lego bricks/teddies/dolls  have we got? Encourage us to count them carefully one at a time. Can we even write down or find the correct number for how many we have?
  • Look out whenever we go out of the house to see if we can spot numbers or letters we know.
  • Don’t forget to read with us-remember we do not have to read loads, but we do need lots of praise when we do.


Please make sure names are in shoes as some boys have the same pairs of shoes and we got a little confused at P.E time the other day when we had two left feet!

Harvest service is coming up on Sunday 12th October at 10am- for our Harvest theme this year we are all dressing up as Farmers, even the teachers. We can bring food with us to take to church, this will go to New life Church who will aid in giving it to the homeless. During the Harvest service we will be singing our songs we have been practicing, they will be on the blog soon so we can practice them at home if we want to.


Miss Irwin would like your child’s report from their Nursery to have a look at and to help with baseline assessment. She has some already but if you haven’t brought them in, please do. They will be returned to you before half term.


Have a good weekend.

Reception Team



Mucky afternoon

As we have been reading our Superworm book we have been creating our new role-play. We thought of things we wold like and Miss Kippen has been helping us make it. So far we have soil with our worms in it from the worm dancing. We have our tools to dig them up with and our minibeast books to look up things.

Miss Irwin decided we needed to clean up our garden beds outside and some of us decided to help her. We found loads of creatures-snails hiding under rocks, slugs and woodlice. We even found more worms! Reuben found the “smallest snail in the world!”


We have decided we want to go on a minibeast hunt next week to find some more interesting insects.

Friday fun with Miss Moore

While Miss Irwin was out learning about Ofsted, we got to play with our new footballs with Miss Moore. She taught us how to roll the balls, how to bounce the balls and how to pass them to our friends.

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We really like our new balls. We will definitely have to shoe Miss Irwin our new skills.

Learning sign language through song

On Thursday Mrs Heathcote comes  in to help, but today she brought her music and a special bag of toys. She taught us some songs using sign language.

We learnt lots of different signs and really enjoyed the songs.


Maybe you could ask us to show you some at home. The one we remembered most was ‘The wheels on the bus’.

Thank you Mrs Heathcote.

Worm Dancing

This afternoon we read our story ‘Superworm’ practising our sign language for the ‘Superworm chant’. Why don’t you ask us if we can show you!

‘Superworm is super long,

Superworm is super strong,

Watch him wiggle, see him squirm,

Hip,hip, hurray for Superworm!

After the story Miss Irwin said we were going to learn how to do some worm dancing on the field to find our own Superworm. Some of us squealed with excitement -the girls and some of us looked bemused-the boys! Was it the dancing or the worms that brought this reversal of emotions…Miss Irwin is not quite sure, but soon enough the excitement spread and we were off to find Superworm.

We went up in our Wellies and waterproofs and set to pouring lots of water on the ground and dancing. Some of us were expert worm dancers and some of needed encouragement. After a good 10 minutes of persistence and determination Jacob found our first worm. Then the worms didn’t stop wriggly upwards to meet us.

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Careful counting

Today we spent some time to learn and practise our careful counting. We were shown by Miss Irwin how to point with our counting finger and to touch and count one object at a time.


We were that good at counting we had to help the adults to count as they couldn’t remember how to do it properly, Miss Kippen needed help bowling and counting the score, Mrs Arkle needed help making and counting playdoh! Miss Irwin even counted tried to count with her nose, as she forgot how to count carefully. Silly Miss Irwin!

Then after lunch we had P.E when we practised moving with our hockey sticks and hitting the hockey balls.


We can hit the balls a good distance now. To practice our shooting skills Miss Irwin went in goal and we had to try and score past her.

Then to finish our day we listened to our new story ‘Superworm’, written by Julia Donaldson.


Our behaviour and listening today has been so fantastic we all ended up with 5 or more stickers, so we all go a prize. Well done Class Jonah 🙂


Meet and Greet

Thank you to all those parents who were able to attend the ‘meet and greet ‘ on Friday I really do appreciate you giving up your Friday evening. For those of you who were unable to attend please find a copy of the PowerPoint here for you to view. Meet the teacherEYFS

For those of you who did not attend the hand-outs that were available on the night will be put in children’s homework packets for your information.

I did discuss with parents that we are using a new online assessment this year called Fingertips and that in the future all parents will be able to access their child’s profile to see what they are learning and how they are progressing. To do this I will need parents emails to give them access to the online assessment program. If you would like to send me your email you can do this by writing it down or by emailing me.

Any questions please ask.


Kind regards

Miss Irwin 🙂