On Friday we spent some time watching a story called ‘Shark in the park’, written by Nick Sharrat. Some of us new the story, some of us didn’t.
You can watch it with us at home by clicking this link. Shark in the Park!

Perry reads the story then asks us questions afterwards. It’s was a really good way for us to learn how to talk about books and what to look for in books when we read with an adult.

Miss Irwin told us our new topic was going to start with ‘Shark in the Park ‘ ideas. We sat together as a class and talked about ideas of things we would like to do based on the story. This is what we came up with…


After planning we got to choose different toys and things to play with. We made castles and cars from junk, did some building in the sand, did some baking in the shed, played with the magnets, dressed up as princess’s and got messy in the foam.

After a morning of fun we had our first school lunch in the hall. We were brilliant and not phased one bit. Miss Irwin was extremely impressed again! We are all so grown up, she says she thinks our brains must be very big for us to be this sensible and grown up.

We’ve also been giving Miss Irwin lots of hugs, so not only are we a clever class we are also a very kind and caring class.

We’ve had a great start to our new school. Let’s hope it continues with our full days next week. 😃

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