Astbury Mere Trip

What a day we had! Thank you to all the adults who came along to help us. 😀

Look at our photos with us and see if you can tell us what you think we were doing?    



The answers were…

  1. Smelly cocktails 
  2. Pond dipping
  3. Sweeping the grass
  4. Insect hunt
  5. Nature bookmarks
  6. Countryside Crowns

We also had our photo taken with one of the Congleton orange bikes that are being used to advertise the Tour of Britain.

Worm Dancing

This afternoon we read our story ‘Superworm’ practising our sign language for the ‘Superworm chant’. Why don’t you ask us if we can show you!

‘Superworm is super long,

Superworm is super strong,

Watch him wiggle, see him squirm,

Hip,hip, hurray for Superworm!

After the story Miss Irwin said we were going to learn how to do some worm dancing on the field to find our own Superworm. Some of us squealed with excitement -the girls and some of us looked bemused-the boys! Was it the dancing or the worms that brought this reversal of emotions…Miss Irwin is not quite sure, but soon enough the excitement spread and we were off to find Superworm.

We went up in our Wellies and waterproofs and set to pouring lots of water on the ground and dancing. Some of us were expert worm dancers and some of needed encouragement. After a good 10 minutes of persistence and determination Jacob found our first worm. Then the worms didn’t stop wriggly upwards to meet us.

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Animal Day antics

What a day we have had…

it started with us all coming into school dressed as animals. We came as all sorts of mammals, reptiles, birds and amphibians. Can you guess what we were?


Then after we’d seen each other we went for a walk around our environment to find all the cool animals Charlotte Beardmore had leant us. We had a real size Tiger, some Giraffes (which some of us were extra excited about) and a zebra. Outside we had our zoo set up and Maddie’s Diego toys. We also had a game to throw balls in the lion and monkeys mouth and animal playdoh near the Zoo shop and café.

Inside Miss Irwin was face painting, Aliesha was helping us finish our animal handprints and there was an animal writing table too. Outside in the zoo we luckily had some zoo keepers to keep an eye on some wondering Tigers and we had lots of people making animal chocolate pies and water bowls in the mud kitchen for the zoo animals.


By lunchtime we were ready to go and scare Alison with our newly painted faces and arms and to eat some animal food! grrr

in the afternoon we had some animal games. We started with describe the animal. We had to describe the animal in the bag and see if our friends could correctly guess what it was to win a prize. Then we had animal bingo where we could win a prize for a line for a full house, followed by waft the fish.

Then we sat down for some animal snacks before our special visitor arrived.

Charlotte came into our classroom and she had brought some puppets, music and bubbles. We got to learn sign and songs-like Old MacDonald and five little monkeys. We had to try and make the monkeys jump really high on the bed, it was awesome!

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Charlotte also taught us the sign for our favourite animals and then she blew us some magical bubbles around the classroom. She was extremely kind and gave Miss Irwin some bubbles for us.

After Charlotte went we went outside for some animal playtime before going home.

What a fun packed animal day we have had.




Chester Zoo trip Wednesday 2nd July

We have been to the zoo and what a wonderful day we have had. We have seen all sorts if animals.

We had our lunch next to the Jaguars. Then after lunch we saw the sloths. We could not believe how fast they moved!

Finally we finished with the Merekats and a trip to the shop.

Here’s a collection of photos from our long, yet exciting day at the zoo.







Making habitats

We have been learning about animals and we learnt that animals live in habitats and that every animals habitat is different. In the afternoon we had the chance to make different types of habitats for all sorts of animals…

Mr Naylor and Miss Kippen helped us make habitats for farm animals, insects and other animals. We really did think about the different things the different animals would need.

Tortoise fever!

On Thursday we were lucky enough to have a visit from a very special little animal named Dennis. Dennis is Mr O’Leary’s and Mrs O’Leary’s tortoise. He is only 3 years old.

Very kindly they said he could come into school for the day and we could learn about him by looking at: his habitat, what food he eats, what colour and patterns he has and how he keeps warm.

We all had a look at his cage and the different parts that he needs to have a good habitat. He had soil, water, food, a dark place to sleep, heat lamp, daylight lamp and some plants.

Then we got to have a hold of him. He was very small, what we didn’t expect was how quick he was when we put him on the carpet- he was speedy!

As we learnt he was a reptile and he was cold blooded, we knew he had to keep warm and he does it by sunbathing under his heat lamp. We all took lots of photos and then some of us even started to make a video story about him for our ICT project.

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Thank you very much Mr and Mrs O’Leary.