A sensory week

This week we have been learning how we use our senses.

We’ve been learning the songs.

On Monday we used our hearing to see what different things we could hear . We went on a hearing walk and we collated our evidence on a sheet by drawing pictures.

In the afternoons we used our sense of smell to try and see if our noses could tell us what different smells were. We did a smelling test we had to put on blindfolds and smell. We had a few smells of some nice things and some not so nice!

One afternoon Miss Irwin made us smell her whiffy socks! The all smelt different, some were really pongy others were quite nice. Afterwards we got to make smelly socks. We couldn’t bring them home though because Miss Irwin wouldn’t be able to match up her socks properly.

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If you have any odd socks at home, can Class Jonah have them to make some more smelly socks? please bring them in and give them to Reception team.

In P.E this week we carried on with our football skills and used our eyes to manoeuvre our bodes around the cones, dribbling footballs and taking penalty shoot outs against Miss Kippen.

We have also been practising our writing of super sentences. We are getting so good now most of us can write words with the correct sounds, use capital letters, finger spaces and full stops. Our brains are on fire!

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