Buddy time

On Friday we got some buddy time. Miss Itwin took us all on the playground and the big buddies taught us how to play stuck in the mud.   
Then we learnt how to play ‘duck duck, goose’.

We loved the games and can’t wait to play them next week with our buddies.

Hidden treasure

This morning during choosing Katie and Tilly found a treasure map and a clue. 

We all got very exited when we thought we might find some treasure. We don’t know where it came from but we definitely wanted to follow it.    

  We looked at the map and read the clues then set of with the map.  
  We found another clue.  
  Then another.  
  In Mrs Hodder’s area was another clue.  
Then we found the most important clue the one with the X! 

 We went looking for the cross and we found treasure.
It was a game called chairs. 

After our hunt we had our parents lunch.

Lots of family members came. It was a lovely lunchtime with very yummy food. We’ve had two days on the run now where the whole class has eaten a hot dinner. Alison even fainted she was so shocked! 

In the afternoon we got to see real shark teeth. Sophie brought them in for show and tell. 

 We also spent time making maps and hiding treasure. 


Kenyan food

Since last week the Kenyan teachers have been in our school. Today they gave us chance to learn about what they grow and eat. We learnt tea and coffee is grown in Kenyan. 

The we got to try some of the food they had made for us called Mukeemo and chipati bread.    

 It was made from potatoes, sweet corn, peas and spinach and looked like mashed up green potato. 
Most of us were very brave and had a try. 

Busy days – cvc writing, patterning making, more sharks and map writing.

Now we have learnt s,a,t,p,I,n,m,d,o, g, c, k,ck,e even more letters we can write words.   
  We have also been learning to recognise and copy patterns.   

  …and of course we carried on our theme of shark in the park, by covering our shark models with messy mod rock.   
On the writing table some of us started to make maps. 


Harvest Festival on Sunday

Dear Parents. 

Just a reminder it’s the Harvets Festival service on Sunday. We hope you can make it. It’s at Astbury Church 10am. The children will be taking part in the service by saying a prayer and singing. 

We ask that this year we do not bring fresh items of food only tins. 

Please let me know if your child will not be attending.

Many thanks

Miss Irwin