Sunny days 🌞🌞🌞

The sun is here to stay for Monday and the heat for a little longer, we will be making the most of it by adapting our outside area into a beach.

  • Tomorrow please make sure your child is wearing suncream.
  • They bring a hat.
  • They are wearing appropriate school uniform for the heat.
  • They have spare socks, pants etc in their bags incase they get wet whilst playing. (This inevitably will happen.)

We will have a paddling area. Unfortunatly though I do not have enough towels for a whole class. If you have any beach towels or spare towels you’d be happy to send in with your child, please do so.

Many thanks, 

Miss Irwin


Our week of learning about Camping has begun. Today we started by putting up the tent. Miss Irwin put it up in the mud kitchen, she said if we are good we can have a go soon! 

The rules are, we leave our shoes outside the tent. It’s lucky we have this rule, otherwise Miss Irwin wouldn’t have realised where half of the class were this afternoon. Can you guess where we are? 
Today Miss Irwin and Mrs Hamilton went on the Nursery visits. So Mrs Arkle and Mrs Cross taught us some tricky Year 1 maths. We learnt about odd and even numbers. We learnt that odd numbers always have 1 left over after all the pairs are made up, we tried it on our fingers. We could show you if you ask us!  Then we learnt how to share numbers and what happens if there is one left over! Miss Irwin doesn’t know we’ve learnt this, so we are going to surprise her after she’s finished all her visits! 

Tomorrow will be hot, so we must bring our hats and be wearing our suncream.