Visit from the Nurse

When we planned our topic of people who help us we had asked to learn about doctors and nurses.Β On Wednesday Mrs Holford came to see us. She told us about her job and her special bag and what she had in it.

She showed us how to put bandages on our ankles.

Then she talked to us about germs. We did a ketchup experiment where we had to put sauce on our hands and shake hands with our friends. When we saw how far the sauce went round the circle we saw how easily our germs spread.

After she taught us the washy washy clean song.

We learnt how we need to wash all parts of our hands with soap to get rid of all our germs. After playtime we did another experiment with the light box and germ soap. We had to put on the germ hand wash and see it all over hands. Then we had to go and wash our hands like we had learnt to see if we could wash the germs away. Some of us did very well, some of us had to go back to the toilet and wash our hands again!

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To finish our afternoon Mrs Holford answered our questions that we had prepared for her. We learnt a lot today and some of us now want to become Nurses.

Let’s just hope we all remember to wash our hands properly.

Thank you Mrs Holford πŸ™‚

Washy, washy, clean

This week when Mrs Holford came in and gave us her wonderful talk about how to be a Nurse, she told us about how Nurses have to be careful about germs. She showed us how to wash our hands properly. She showed us this video and taught us the actions and words.

Now whenever we wash our hands in school we have this video to help us.

Maybe we could watch it at home with you!

Nurse Holford

On Thursday morning Mrs Holford came but she was wearing a nurses scrub uniform! This is because she had come to tell us about what she does for her job. She works in a special ward in the hospital called Intensive Care, where people are very poorly.

She showed us her equipment, then showed us how to change the sheets on beds for people who are so poorly they can’t move. We had a practise at bandaging our teddies with our partners, we were all very good at that. Then we learnt about germs and how to keep our hands clean, we learnt the washy, washy , clean song.

Thank you so much Mrs Holford for showing us how to be nurses.