Back to school

Back to school today and we have been on top form all day. We enjoyed learning our new sound ‘r’ today. We loosened up our bodies and fingers with playdoh disco. The we went to start our new role-play outside, our Fire Station. We have erected a pole now we need to paint it black. We might also need to have some fire drills to make sure our firemen and firelady skills are up to scratch.

IMG_0330[1] IMG_0331[1]

Our new topic is ‘People who help us’, this has come from our topic plan ideas that we shared at the end of last term. As you can see we had some great ideas!


Miss Irwin has told us she has got some special people to come and meet us over the next few weeks based on what we wanted to learn. This week we are learning about fire and we are going to be learning how to use wow words to describe fire.

In maths today we found fairy dust on the floor and then saw the Naughty fairy. She had left us a message which said we needed to go on a hunt for some special signs. We learnt these signs were called add signs. Which we can use when we add 2 groups of things together. It tells us that the when we add groups together the number gets bigger. For our first day of addition we were excellent. Who knows how big our maths brains will be by the end of the week!

IMG_0322[1]IMG_0323[1] IMG_0324[1] IMG_0325[1]

This morning we also practised our number recognition by using the Fireman’s hose to squirt off  the fire numbers.


Then in the afternoon we learnt about the Christmas story and how special Angels are with Mrs Armitt. We all made our own halos with a special word about fairies on them.

We are learning about the Christmas story so we know all the characters and the main event to help us with our Nativity. ‘Angel Express’. Our production of the Nativity is in the second week in December- Tuesday 9th 2.15pm and Wednesday the 10th at 5.30pm, so we have a lot of practising to do.




Our first full day in school!

It’s been a long day for us today at school, some of us were starting to show signs of tiredness through our first assembly this morning. Assemblies are quite tricky when we are so little but luckily we had two very special people to focus on. These were Fabien and Kalebh who were given the celebration awards for this week. Fabien got the head teachers award and our star of the week was Kalebh. Well done boys.

This morning we learnt our new letter ‘a’ . We practised it by singing along to the ‘a’ song. We can watch the song on you tube by clicking this link jolly phonics songs

We’ve also been making our Gruffalo, been builders, pretended to be the Owl and played on busythings.





Our first FREE school meal


Today was the first day we stayed for lunch. We went down to see Alison and she gave us all the food we ordered in the morning. We all did really well at learning our new routine of lining up for our food, sitting in our class places, eating as much of of lunch as possible then finally tidying up our plates. Miss Irwin and Miss Kippen were very impressed with how grown up we were. Well done Class Jonah. 😃

This morning we also tried writing our letter S. Look how good we were. We know to write S we have to curl out, IMG_9901.JPGcurl in, then curl out again it’s very tricky!

We also played with some more new toys- model foam, marble runs, chalks and in Percy’s shed.




We also started thinking about our topic this term, which is Julia Donaldson books. We read the Gruffalo and are thinking about what role play we would like. Any ideas from home would be great.


Garden Centre List

We have been discussing our Garden Centre and things we might need this is what we have come up with

Big bird house – Thomas
Water fountain (big)- Nathan
Roses- Rosie
Bird feeders- Ed
Dove house- Charlotte
Animal statues- Isaac
Sale banner- Evie
Labels- prices – Georgette
Hanging baskets- Harry W
More seed packets- Maddie
Waterfall- Ellie
Sunflowers- Annabelle
Cat made out of logs- Alfie
Merekat garden ornament- Finn
Opening times- Bethany
Lavender + Apple tree – Eva Rose
Pansies- Harry AW
Hollyhocks – Harry AW

Miss Irwin thinks things like fake flowers, old wellies, hanging baskets and possibly garden chairs might be a good addition as some of us would quite like to do some more planting which we can do in the wellies and baskets. Some people would also like to have a café in the garden centre too, which a few garden chairs might come in handy.

If we do have things we can bring from home we promise to try our best to keep them in good condition and return them to their owners at the end of our topic. Please remember to put your names on your name on anything you bring in.

Back to school with a new arrival

Today we came back to school with lots of energy ready to show Miss Irwin and Miss Kippen how big our brains are.
We also had our new member of class Jonah – Rebecca. She was Miss Irwin’s star of the day for starting at Astbury so well. We all love Rebecca and her wheelchair and iPad.

We also started our topic of growing today- we started our Garden Centre Role Play outside and made some flowers for it.








We checked on our seeds and how they were growing. Then Mrs Cross spotted a nest, she
thinks its a Robin’s nest.




Our reading books will be changed tomorrow if they weren’t changed today.

We also have a trip letter in our bag. We are going to Astbury a Garden Centre on Thursday morning. Please fill in the slip and return it ASAP .

Team Jonah learning from the experts…

This week we have become real life builders by starting to make our igloo. We have also been to see the builders in school to see how they do it. We learnt from them that they work as a team and all do their jobs together and they all have special skills, so that they can all get the job done properly.We are really trying hard to be team Jonah!

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Then to top it all off we have been selling houses in our role-play. We think our building topic is awesome!

Percy’s christmas suprise!

We came into school this morning to find that Percy’s surprise! He’d made our classroom look all Christmassy!

We have a Santa’s workshop we also have a grotto outside with a santa claus beard, mrs claus dress and  some reindeer antlers.

The Christmas tree is in Percy’s favourite coulors and he’s out up lovel Christmas starts and lights.