Sunny days 🌞🌞🌞

The sun is here to stay for Monday and the heat for a little longer, we will be making the most of it by adapting our outside area into a beach.

  • Tomorrow please make sure your child is wearing suncream.
  • They bring a hat.
  • They are wearing appropriate school uniform for the heat.
  • They have spare socks, pants etc in their bags incase they get wet whilst playing. (This inevitably will happen.)

We will have a paddling area. Unfortunatly though I do not have enough towels for a whole class. If you have any beach towels or spare towels you’d be happy to send in with your child, please do so.

Many thanks, 

Miss Irwin

We had a great trip to Tesco this morning. Tracey and Wendy looked after us very well.

We got clipboards and had to go on fruit and vegetable hunts. Then we had to decided how these fruit and vegetables were grown.

Then came the really good but- food tasting. 

Did you know

  • Watermelon seed were found in the tombs in the pyramids!
  • Pineapples grow from the ground like a cabbage!
  • Kiwis come from China- they are named after the bird on the national flag of New Zealand.
  • Sharon fruit- tastes like sweet apples!
  • Avocado it’s called the alligator fruit because of its skin! 

We were all give. A Tesco bag of goodies and a piece of free fruit. Then we went off to spend our money.

Superhero Day!

Rings of fire!

Spiders web! 

Kicking through the buildings!

Hitting the targets! 

Power throws!

We also made our own Superhero badges. 

We had some challenges we had to complete to improve our superhero skills. We really enjoyed it. 

In the afternoon we designed our own Superhero Challenge. 

Then we made it…

and finally we got to complete it.

Our evil villain faces. 😈

Tricky word hunt! 

On Friday we had a phonics lesson outside. We had a tricky word hunt. To say it was tricky was an understatement. Miss Sheard was so sneaky where she hid the words, it was so much fun trying to find them all and it really helped us learn our tricky words.We were able to try and challenge ourselves as there were different types of words to read. Pink words were easy, purple words were tricky and green words were very tricky. Most of us challenged ourselves to read them all.