Dinosaur Warning!

Be aware when you come to school tomorrow there will be a very large dinosaur ready to greet you. 

His name is Freddie.  

If you think your child may be worried by its size please let them know before they enter the classroom.   

If you would like them to have a surprise please don’t tell them about our new Dinosaur Museum and Freddie.
Many thanks

Miss Irwin­čśÇ

Dinosaur nests

This week in our topic we are learning about dinosaur eggs and nests. We learnt from our information books that dinosaur eggs were as big as 25cm to 45cm long. We also learnt that dinosaurs could have up to 25 eggs in a nest to look after. This means that the dinosaur’s nests must have been pretty big, but how big?

Miss Irwin read the information and it said the nest could be as big as a car. So we went outside to measure Miss Irwin’s car.

To measure the car we realised rulers and metre sticks wouldn’t work, they were too small. So we measured it with ourselves. We all held hands and could fit around the car in one big circle. 

To make the circle inside we held hands in a circle and stretched out. Then we put chairs where we stood to mark the circle. We then pretended to be baby dinosaurs in the eggs in the nest. Miss Irwin was the mummy dinosaur .


It was great fun! 

A happy Miss Irwin

Dear Parents,

I would like to say┬áa big thank you to all of those┬áfamilies who have completed their measuring homework this week and emailed me the photos.┬áTo see┬áevidence of you┬átaking part in your child’s learning has made me feel very proud of you all. Well done!┬á­čÖé

I will be adding your child’s homework to their assessment. As┬ápart of a good school and┬áhome┬árelationship it’s important we share your children’s learning with each other. Please continue to send in your photos of their homework and any other learning you observe at home.┬áI have shared some of the photos with the class already and they loved seeing each others measuring skills.

Tomorrow’s homework will include similar tasks where children will have to use everyday objects to complete their targets. I have asked for photos to be emailed again, so please keep up the good work.

Thank you for being such supportive parents, it really is making a difference to your child’s learning.

Many thanks again,

From Miss Irwin





Surprise, it’s a Reptile!

Today Miss Irwin had surprise for us.

  A bearded dragon lizard called Mikey.  
  We got to spend the whole day learning about him. First we had a hold and felt his scales.  
  We used our IPad time to take some photos of Mikey looking at his legs, claws and scales.  
Continuing with our measuring targets for this week we measured objects next to Mikey to see if he was larger or smaller than them. 
  Some of us used rulers to measure how long Mikey actually was. He was 42cm long.  
This afternoon we started our writing about Mikey and tried to you use super sentences by using punctuation. Finger spaces are the hardest so if you want to help us at home with our writing that would help us improve.

Before we went home we said a happy birthday to Miss Brindley as she turned 18 on Tuesday.


Dinosaur Dig

 On Monday we found a new place to explore in our outside area. We had a dinosaur dig.   
In the dinosaur dig was lots of fossils from dinosaurs. In our maths groups we had to dig them up and figure out what they were. Then we had to measure them.  

We think we found claws, teeth and rib bones!

What do you think?  


How to make a volcano explosion.

Since we started our Dinosaur topic we have been excited about Volcanoes. We had put on our topic plan to make a Volcano. So over the past week some of us have been making on in the sand pit.

Today we got to watch how to use science to make a Volcano eruption. 

We needed

  • Vinegar
  • Baking soda
  • Washing up liquid
  • Food colouring- yellow and red

and of course a Volcano!

We went outside to record our science investigation. Miss Irwin showed us the wet ingredients and the dry ones. Then she mixed them together.  
 We recorded what happened as a diagram and some of us wrote down describing words to go with our observations.
 We loved it was awesome. We wanted to have our own go! There was no time left though so we knew we would have to wait.

Thursday came around and we had extra adults in our classroom to help. Miss Brindley was our new Volcano expert.


Seeing the explosions and helping do them was very exciting. We had to put the dinosaurs in the Volcano area so it seemed more realistic.
*No plastic dinosaurs we harmed during the making of our Volcano eruptions. 

Dinosaur footprints

After the snow had fallen over night, Miss Irwin found something strange left behind the next morning in the mud kitchen. She had taped it off and kept it safe so we could go and see it. 

At first we weren’t sure what it was but on closer inspection we decided it was a footprint there was a discussion about wether it was human or not, but when we looked at the toes we knew it couldn’t be human as it only had 3 toes.


When we looked at it closer in comparison to our feet we realised it could have been a dinosaur footprint! 

We had to talk with our friends about a way we could measure it.

We decided to use multi link. We all had a guess at how long the footprint was. Then we measured to see who was the nearest. It measured 64 multi link. We hope we never have to meet this dinosaur!