Mystery reader- a big sister!

On Friday 18th we were lucky enough to have another mystery reader. This mystery reader was special because she is A’s big sister from Class Noah. G said she’d always wanted to be a mystery reader as she remembered when her dad came and was a mystery reader when she was in Class Jonah. She said she loves reading and really wanted to read to us.  
 G read us the story ‘No-Bot’ written by Sue Hendra. It’s all about a robot who lot his bottom!

Thank you G for coming to be a mystery reader.

Mystery Nanny

Another mystery reader and it was Nanny. She had brought with her two books. One of the books was quite old it had been read before by    M’s mummy when she was little.

We loved listening to Nanny read she was such a good story teller. She answered our questions and told us that her and M have a secret fairy garden! Wow! 

Thank you so much for coming Nanny. 😀

Mystery Reader with a Smiley Shark 😃

Today our mystery reader was Mrs Hocknell. She brought in the book ‘Smiley Shark’ written by Ruth Galloway. Nobody had heard it before so we were very excited. It was all about a shark who’s friends wouldn’t play with him because of his big smile because they thought he was scary.

For an animated version of the story click here. Smiley Shark 

Thank you Mrs Hocknell for being our mystery reader. 😃👍

If you like sharks and want to read more try this great shark story There’s a hole in the bottom of the sea .

Or watch one of Miss Irwin’s favourite Shark in the park and try and answer the questions at the end.

A Mystery Reader with a Giant in tow. 

Today we had another Mystery Reader.

 It was Mrs Blythe with ‘The Smartest Giant’ in town written by Julia Donaldson. This story is a bedtime favourite in their house at bedtime. 

We loved the story and the Giant song. If you haven’t got the story at home but want to hear it click this link. The Smartest Giant in Town . 

Thank you Mrs Blythe for being our Mystery Reader. 

Mystery Reader- Did you know dogs can fly?

On Wednesday we had another mystery reader. It was Brad’s mummy.  
It was a story called ‘Some dogs do’written by Jez Alborough. We listened with excitement.

If you want to watch the story you can watch it here. Follow the link. Some dogs do

Thank you Brad’s mummy for coming to be our Mystery Reader.