Fact: sharks can be as long as the school corridor

In the morning we did our quiet reading, Miss Irwin was very impressed with how much some of us have been reading at home. 📖👍

We learnt a new sound ‘c’. We should now recognise s,a,t,p,I,n,m,d,g,o,c and begin to segment and blend them into c-v-c words such as dog, God, cat, dad, sit etc. Please help us at home to learn them too. 

During some maths time Miss Irwin let some of us do some careful counting with ink which was great fun.

This afternoon we had some fantastic ideas. We learnt what ‘facts’ are, they are true bits of information. We looked at a website about sharks. We were amazed at the facts. 

We learnt

  1. Sharks have been living on Earth long before Dinosaurs.
  2. That sharks can grow to 13m long.
  3. They can have 20,000 teeth in their lifetime.
  4. That sharks have strong jaws.
  5. Sharks are meat eaters called ‘carnivores’

You can look at the website here. Shark facts

After learning these facts we went outside to measure how long a whale shark would be. We used a measuring wheel and chalk. 

  It was a very long way!  
 Then we measured 13m inside the school corridor. It was from our classroom to the wall by the hall.

  We also made some sharks structures, had a go on an obstacle course, made more inventions with the marble runs. We did some drawing and experienced terential rain.

 Such a fun filled day. What will tomorrow bring?

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