Chickens ✅

As part of our farming topic we read a farm story this morning. The Great Chicken Mystery. It’s all about how some chickens go missing and foxy ( who’s a vegetarian) gets blamed. He finds out the chickens are escaping because they want a bigger home.

After discussing how farmers look after chickens, we went to the allotment to see the school chickens. Miss Irwin told us how she hatched some of the chickens in class Jonah. You can check the old blogs to see more details about them. Just search chickens. 

We looked at where they lived, what they are and drank and how they were kept safe. Then we let some out to have a close look. We really enjoyed looking at them and learning about how to keep chickens. 

This afternoon we got chance to enjoy our topic by being farmers. We made food for the lambs, tidied up the farm and re-stocked the farm shop with our new vegetables. Thanks for that mummies. 

Meet Fergie!

This weekend Miss Irwin had to continue ‘CHICK WATCH’ at home as our smallest chick which is a Sablepoot needed some nursing. He had to be helped out of his egg on Thursday by Mrs Brammled as he couldn’t quite make it out on his own. He is a very small breed anyway but he was very weak. Fergie had to be brought home to Miss Irwin’s house because he wasn’t ready for the big cage with the others and he needed a heat lamp to keep him warm. On Friday when he left school it was very touch and go as to whether Fergie would survive!

But with a little box, a strong lamp and the the help of Big H, Mrs Irwin and Archie the dog we are glad to say Fergie is getting stronger. He even managed to watch some of the Manchester United game to day and watch the real Fergie retire!

He might be coming back into school soon but he will not be able to be with the others until he is much bigger and stronger!