World Book Day

  A reminder- it is World Book day on Thursday and children are allowed to come dressed up as one of their favourite book characters. 

As part of World Book Day we will be enjoying reading activities all day.

Please can all children bring in one of their favourite books to share with the class on that morning. Their name must be written inside.

In the afternoon it will be Mothers Day afternoon. Mummies will be allowed into the classroom at 1.30pm for their surprise! 

We will be sharing the reading enjoyment with mummies in the afternoon. We can’t wait to show them what great story tellers we are.📚

As part of World Book Day each child in school gets a £1 book token. These are the books children will be able to purchase with the token this year. When we receive the token you need to read the small print to see where we can get our new book from. 

Don’t forget …


Dinosaur Roar

Half term is over and we are well and truly back in the swing of school life.

We have been planning the next step of our learning journey into Dinosaurs and have decided to turn our outside area into a Jurassic park world.

We planned that we wanted different areas for dinosaurs to be kept and looked after by Dinosaur keepers. We are going to turn our jeeps into Jurassic jeeps to drive around in and view the dinosaurs. We have started to make the signs and have put some of them outside. We also want to make some realistic dinosaurs to add to our world.

 We’ve been using the dinosaur masks outside pretending  to talk to each other. We have really put a lot of thought into how we would talk to each other.

Freddie took a trip outside this afternoon and had to be tied up to make sure he didn’t’ escape and eat people. We made him a T-Rex jail. We also put Miss Sherliker in their for a while as we thought she needed locking up!

As part of our outside dinosaur Jurassic world we want to use binoculars and rucksacks to record dinosaur information like
scientists would do. If you have any old rucksacks please could we borrow them for our topic. We would like to make binoculars so could you please also save us some toilet rolls and bring them into school for us to use.
As part of our topic we have been developing our vocabulary with the book ‘Dinosaur Roar’. We have created a class story map and started to record our versions of the story.

There’s plenty more videos to come so keep checking the blog.


Tricky words

This week in phonics we have been trying to show Miss Irwin how well we remember our phonic sounds that we have learnt so far since being in Class Jonah. We all still need a little help remembering the sounds- ai, oa, igh and the recently learnt sound ar. We can easily get these confused with each other. So extra help writing these in words at home world really help. 😀

As part of our phonics lessons we have also been reviewing our tricky words. We are very good at remembering and reading  our first set of tricky words (the red group). 

 Our confidence in our second set of tricky words is growing especially because this week we had time to enjoy Geraldine the Giraffe. She is hilarious and also a very good reader. Miss Irwin bought the app on the school iPads and we used them in our iPad time on Thursday.

  You can pick from lots of different videos and watch Geraldine learning with Mr Thorne. Miss Irwin is a big fan of Mr Thorne and thinks this app is definitely worth a look if you have any apple devices.

 This morning was parents morning. We were lucky enough to have some parents stay to help us with our activity. We practised our tricky words then made tricky words watches and necklaces.       

All day we have been checking our watches for the time and reading our tricky words.

In our diaries Miss Irwin often writes tricky words we need help with. Please look at the words and help us at home with them. There are also a list of words at the beginning of our diaries which you can practise reading with us.



On Wednesday it was PE and we had a great lesson developing our movement skills by completing Obstical courses. To do a warm down we took ourselves outside onto the new trim trail. 

It is awesome! 



 The next day was Thursday and we were on the trim trail again! Thursday is Miss Irwin’s duty day which means we get to go on the trim trail. 

As part of of curriculum in Early Years we are supposed to work really hard on our physical development skills as this is one of our prime areas of learning. The trim trail is perfect for us as it tests our balance, hand eye coordination, climbing and jumping skills.


Even Miss Irwin practised her balancing skills! 

Mother’s Day afternoon Invite

Dear Mummies,

We are cordially inviting you to an afternoon of mummy fun!

Next Thursday March 3rd we would like to invite you to come to school at 1.30pm until the end of the day 3.20pm. We have planned an afternoon of lovely activities especially for you because we love you so much.😍
We do know some mums might not be able to come because they have to go to work but you can send Aunties or Grandmas in your place. 

Please let Miss Irwin know if you can not come.


Class Jonah

3D dinosaurs

the last few days we’ve been trying to remember some of the 3D shapes we learnt before Christmas. This is because we are making something with our junk modelling.

As part of making our models we have planned our model and begun to label them. 

Today we started to make our models. Look at the mess we made!    

You won’t believe how hard we worked. We had adults to help us but their brains were switched off so we had to give them instructions to help us.     

First we all selected out materials then we spent all afternoon making them. 

You won’t see the final product until after half term and when you do you will be amazed! 

Here’s a little clue to what they might be! 

To help us make our models we will need some newspaper. Please can you bring any old newspapers if you have some at home. 😀