So far we have raised ยฃ203!

๐Ÿ˜ฌ Yes it’s true. From writing our letters and delivering them to our  neighbours we managed to raise ยฃ203 so far!

On Thursday we walked around Astbury to collect all our envelopes. We hoped people had read our letters and wanted to buy raffle tickets. We were very surprised and very grateful as lots of people did. We even got to talk to some of them and they thanked us for their letters. 

As well as collecting letters we also stopped into Astbury Care home to meet some older ladies and gentlemen and have a quick chat. Some of the people we met were older than us, they were between 86 and 92 years old. They really liked meeting us and we liked meeting then too. 

After our walk we watched the May Day Commitee and helpers putting up the tents for May Day.
With all our hard work and lots of walking we think that we may have beat the other classes at making the most money! 

Thank you to all the parents who were able to help on the stall on Saturday. Your help was very much     appreciated. 


Look what arrived this morning!ย 

Mrs Gifford came in to give us a letter that came in the post. 
It was a reply from one of the neighbours to one of our letters. John and Glendale wrote to us to thank us for our letter. They said they’d be out on Thursday but had enclosed their ยฃ5 and their raffle ticket stubbs. How great is that! We were so excited. ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿผ๐Ÿ˜ฌ

May Day preperations

Last week we went out to deliver our letters we had been writing to the neighbours. We wrote to them about the our May Day stall and asked if they would like to buy any raffle tickets. 

Before posting our letters we turned our classroom into a post office. We decorated our envelopes and put raffle tickets in with our letters.

After sorting out letters we set off on our delivery round. 

On our way back we learnt about road signs, pedestrian crossings, speed limits and how to make lorries honk their horns!๐Ÿ˜€

We will be going back on Thursday to see if there will be any raffle tickets waiting for us. 
We have done our bit for May Day so now it’s time for you to help aswell. We need you to sign up for a time slot to help out on our raffle stall. Our stall has great views of the dancing, will be opposite the fire engine and is usually close to the food. Miss Irwin will be asking you to sign up. The time slots are only for 15 minutes. Please help us to raise lots of money (also to beat all the other classes at raising the most money). 

May Day competitionย 

This afternoon Miss Irwin taught us about the Village tradition of May Day and how it’s a big celebration for our school. We learnt about the maypole and the Queen and her retinue.    

Then we were told we were entering a competition to design a the May Day front cover for the programme book. We got very excited! 

Using old May Day photos and ideas we had learnt about May Day we drew our designs.

 We know the whole school is entering the competition but we are keeping our fingers crossed that one of us might win! ๐Ÿ˜ฌ

Our drawing skills were very good and our colouring was careful and neat.


May Queen and little Maids

  As Astbury School we have a wonderful tradition in taking part in the yearly event of May Day. This is a day when the whole community of the village comes together to celebrate the new May Queen of the year. The Queen is chosen from our school as are her attendants. The whole school is involved in dances and each class has a stall to run where all the money raised comes back to school. There is also food and drink tents, local business stalls, rides and last year we even had the fire service with a fire engine. It’s a wonderful family day for everyone to enjoy.

On Friday in Celebration worship we had the draw for who would be the school’s new May Queen and Chelsea was picked out of the hat. The current Queen Lily-Lou will retire in May and Chelsea will have her ceremony and take her place as the new Queen. As part of the tradition every little girl in Reception will be a little maid to the new queen. This means they will be in photos, sit on the throne with her and be a big part of the day.

As part of the girls maids costumes they wear all white dresses provided by school. They are asked to wear white pumps to accompany the dresses. These can often be tricky to find at the time. Lucky for us Rufus’ mummy noticed that there were white pumps for sale in Marks and Spencer’s now! We thought it might be worth while letting parents know now.

Little boys in Recepton also are part in the day.They become part of the procession and get to wear little shorts and waist coats provided by school. Parents are asked to provide white shirts to go underneath their waistcoats. Boys wear black pumps.

More information on May Day will be posted as we get nearer to May. Please keep your eye on the school newsletters and this blog. 

May Day costumes and Saturday arrival information.ย 

Boys costumes will go home on Friday. They must come ready dressed in their costumes. 

Girls Maid dresses will stay in school for them to get changed into when they arrive at school at 12.45. 

All children must arrive at school on Saturday at 12.45 through Miss Irwin’s classroom. The gate will be open at 12.45. There they will be signing in register and then children will be sent to the rooms to get ready. No parents are allowed beyond Miss Irwin’s classroom. 

Parents are best to then get a place ready for viewing the procession, getting a seat in church or a seat on the field at the farm to watch dancing. 

Only Maids mums who have offered help will be allowed to come into school. But they will have to leave before the procession.  

If you are unsure of timings please check the letter on the school website. 

If you are helping on a stall Miss Itwin will have a wrist band for you to wear which gets you free entry.