Class Jonah’s writing


So as promised here is the start of our GLOBAL WRITING! Miss Irwin says if we write on the blog it can be seen around the world.

We wonder who will read it!

We have been thinking about what we want to show people on our blog and what we want to write. Here are the first brave few from Class Jonah that have written their first blog post.



Sooprwrrm by Rebecca

(Becca decided she wanted to write her full name)


Stik man by Judah

(Judah used brilliant segmenting and blending to write his words)


fabiens bryst

(Fabien’s bracelet he made for Miss Irwin)


Lucie the mows.

(Lucie wanted to show everyone her mouse costume)


jodi did it

(Jodie wanted to show her stick lady love)


reubens      stickman

(Reuben wanted to show his stick man)


jack lop]]lmnbvcxz

(Jack wanted to write that he had made a stick man as big as his head)



(Kalebh wanted to type his name)


stans stik man

 (Stan wanted to write that this was his stick man)


After half term we will continue to write more on the blog. Please leave us a comment if you have read our writing.

Tubs for tablets


Letters went home the other day to inform families as a school we are saving tubs of flora and stork for tablets. We have to collect 50 to get 1 tablet.

Please can we ask families to buy these special tubs for your buttery needs. Next half term teachers plan to do regular baking to help towards the tablet challenge.

Spread the word to friends and family. If every family in school buys 1 tub we will be able to 2 tablets!

Why do we do Assemblies Miss Irwin?

That’s a very good question, don’t you think? We definitely thought so. We asked Miss Irwin that today. Do you know what she said?

So we can share our wonderful, fun ways of learning with everybody else.” On reflection, we thought that sounded very kind of us. 🙂

Because we are so kind, we thought it best to show everyone how amazing we are by practising  our BIG voices, our acting, singing, signing and body numbers. All the things in our assembly are things we have been learning this last 8 weeks, so it’s not that new but we think some of our family will be shocked at how clever and grown up we are.

As well as practising today we have also taken part in our celebration of Harvest Faith Day. This morning we went to church and had our last service with Jon and we gave him t-shirts with a poem on that all the children had wrote for him and Ella to take on their journey.

On our return the rest of the school went to do harvest activities and we practised our assembly very hard!

But then Miss Irwin said we could have special harvest choosing. We talked about being thankful for all the food, animals and farmers. Then we played in the lentils and rice being farmers in our tractors, we made sweetcorn paintings by getting messy, we also thought of ways to get the apples in and out of the water without using our hands and we used our fine motor skills to make pasta necklaces and bracelets. But wait it gets better… after assembly tomorrow we get to do this again as some of us didn’t get chance today to do everything. We will also be continuing to write our first EVER blog post!


Miss Irwin goes away for a day and we turn into scientist!

It’s true, Miss Irwin went out for the day and we had Mrs Irwin teaching us. We showed her how to do our phonics on bugclub using our robot arms to segment and blend.

After playtime we read the story of ‘Stick man’ again and we learnt how stick man floated a lot of his way to different places. Which meant sticks float! We knew this. We also knew that other things could sink and float.

So Mrs Irwin and Miss Kippen turned us into scientists to see how much we really knew! We got to wear scientist jackets and we had to predict if the objects we saw would float or sink and then we had to test our theories!

We really like watching things sink and float. But don’t tell Miss Irwin we did this because she doesn’t know we turned into scientists! shhhhhhh 😉

The story of our Stick people.

Many days ago we went on a hunt.

We went far and wide to find the materials we needed to make our very own stick men and stick lady loves.

We collected sticks that were long and thin, short and fat. We found them in many strange places. On our travels we found leaves to use for hair.

After hours of hard graft and engineering we managed to complete our designs.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

You will get to meet our stick people soon. There first appearance will be at our assembly.


This week for our writing we have been writing our own blog post with our own words. We will post it tomorrow with our photos of our stick people so watch this space.



Assembly is nearly here.

We have been practising our assembly for Thursday morning. It starts at 9.15, so parents can drop us off and wait in the hall.

We are still a little nervous and are trying to find our big voices but hopefully they will appear on the day!
If we are still a little shy we know we will still get a very big applause when we have finished. 🙂

Out clothes that we have been asked to wear- probably a coloured top and jeans. We can wear these instead of our uniform on Thursday.

We can’t wait to show you what we have learnt.

No Miss Irwin tomorrow

Tomorrow Miss Irwin is going on a course. So we will be having Mrs Turner instead.

We will have to show her how we do our phonics, where our carpet spaces are and how we have been learning about Stick Man.

Mrs Arkle and Miss Kippen will be in school to help any mummies or daddies with any queries.

Miss Irwin has told us she will ring at lunch time to check on us, to make sure we are being super good and have big brains!

Miss Irwin will also be on the same course on Monday. On Monday Mrs Irwin (Miss Irwin’s mummy) will be teaching us. We have met her before because she comes in and helps us.

If there are any questions please ask Miss Irwin.