Teddy Bear’s Picnic

Its been a bear day today in class Jonah.

We made bear masks and had to write about our bears this morning. We had to write down facts about our bears-like their name, how big they were and what they liked doing with us.

Then this afternoon joined by Class Moses we went onto Jon’s lawn and had a Teddy Bears Picnic. We had teddy bear games. We had to throw up our teddy bears on parachutes and had a competition with class Moses to see who could throw there’s the highest. Then we had musical bumps with our bears to bear pop music!

finishing with a bear race-where we had to carry the bears between our legs to the finish line without dropping them. Then we went on a bear hunt to find a bear so we could have our Teddy bears Picnic.

After our picnic we had a ply on the lawn. It was a lovely afternoon and we really enjoyed spending time with Class Moses and Mrs Hodder.

Thank you to all the mummies and daddies who came to join us and help in our fun.

Same again next year we think 🙂