Learning about money!

Today we have been learning about money.Our target is to talk about the different coins and to try and recognise them. We have learnt the coins and are trying to remember what they are by their colour and the number on them. We know that when we write them we can write them with a ‘p’ after and the p stands for pence. We’ve also spotted a ‘funny looking 3’ which Miss Irwin says is the sign for pounds £.

We worked with Miss Irwin learning about the money using the money fans. Then we went to Miss Kippen in her Pet Shop and practised using it. We also got some good advise from Miss Kippen on how to look after our pets.

  1. ‘Don’t put your finger in a snakes mouth’
  2. Corn snakes don’t actually eat cornflakes
  3. Your not allowed to ride you scooter in the Pet Shop or you can get band!

Good advise Miss Kippen 🙂