Kenyan food

Since last week the Kenyan teachers have been in our school. Today they gave us chance to learn about what they grow and eat. We learnt tea and coffee is grown in Kenyan. 

The we got to try some of the food they had made for us called Mukeemo and chipati bread.    

 It was made from potatoes, sweet corn, peas and spinach and looked like mashed up green potato. 
Most of us were very brave and had a try. 


After reading the Kenyan letters and their questions today was our day to write some questions. 

First we went on a question mark and full stop hunt in the secret garden. We were very good at remembering question marks. 

Then we practised writing them  


After that we had a good, hard think about what questions we wanted to ask the Kenyans. Then we had a Kenyan style writing lesson. We had no electricity and sat in rows. We wrote on lined paper like the Kenyans, using our small handwriting. Rberimg to segment and bend, to use super sentences and put a question mark at the end! 
Our writing was AMAZING! Miss Irwin is reading them tonight, to decide if we deserve anything extra special for all writing super questions on our first attempt. 

This morning we also did our first attempt at Mayday dancing. It was tricky at first learning how to dance up and down, banana peel and spin round! But for our first go we were very good 😃. 

The adults weren’t bad either! 
This afternoon we practised our new sound ‘ear’. It’s quite tricky but we are trying to remember it because it’s also a word. We wrote it in a sentence to show Mrs Hodder, it said- “o have a year 1 brain.” . Mrs Hodder was very impressed. She said she can’t wait to have us in her class next year if we are that clever.  

We checked on our beans after play to see if they had grown. Our beans had swollen up in size and their shells were starting to split.  





It was very exciting, we didn’t know the beans would swell up! We might check them again tomorrow! 



On Tuesday morning we read some letters from Kenya and looked for questions they were asking us. We talked about questions and what goes with a question at the end of a sentence. We learnt about question marks and what they look like. 

We had a go at writing them. We put them in our bags to show you. 

After lunch we had French with Mrs Oaks. Then we had the story of Jack and the Beanstalk. We learnt beans talks come from seeds. We decided to make our own beanstalks. 

             We wet kitchen roll, Then wrapped our seeds inside. Then put them in a bag to  stick on the doors. With water and sunlight the seeds should grow. 

Then we made castles to go in our plant pot. 



When the seeds are big enough we will put them in the plant pot to grow up to the castles. 

Where is Kenya? 

Today we started our week long short topic of Kenya and Mqwito Primary school.   

  We used globes to find where Africa was and learnt Africa is a big collection of countries. Then we tried to find Kenya. We did really well. 

Then we learnt about the Kenyan flag and what it’s colours are for and made our own version. 


In the afternoon we had P.E on the field and today we learnt how to hit a ball with a tennis racket. It was great fun! 










On Thursday we are going to join Class Moses for a joint P.E lesson, to learn our May Day dance! Fingers crossed!   😃