Cafe Jonah

 What an enterprise we created on Friday. We made our own cafe sign, table cloths, table numbers, food and drink.   

With a little help from our buddies we opened the doors. 


We didn’t stop all day. Whilst making our cafe we learnt to work as a team, to be inventive and to work hard. 


Jonah Town

It’s been 3 weeks in the making but today we final finished our vision of Jonah Town.πŸ‘πŸΌπŸŽ‰πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ™€β˜€οΈ
For our topic we have been leaning about different buildings. We learnt about different types of houses and had a lesson where we learnt to drawer our own houses. Then we learnt about different uses for buildings. Some clever spark had a bright idea to build a town so that’s what we did! 

We planned out buildings to go in our towns. Everyone had to have a different building for a different use. 

Then we collected our junk with help from our friends and families. Using the boxes and tubes we made our buildings (with a little help from the odd adult and our buddies). After they were constructed we painted them and added our final details.

The town outlines all came together after careful planning- thinking about how we’d make roads, if we’d have trees, cars, people, traffic lights and street lights. We used our resources and toys to make these things then gathered everything together. Then today when nobody was looking we built a whole town on the playground all by ourselves! 
Ta da!

Astbury Mere Trip

What a day we had! Thank you to all the adults who came along to help us. πŸ˜€

Look at our photos with us and see if you can tell us what you think we were doing?    



The answers were…

  1. Smelly cocktails 
  2. Pond dipping
  3. Sweeping the grass
  4. Insect hunt
  5. Nature bookmarks
  6. Countryside Crowns

We also had our photo taken with one of the Congleton orange bikes that are being used to advertise the Tour of Britain.

Jonah’s Cafe opening soon!

Next Friday 15th July we have planned to open our Jonah Cafe for one afternoon of business. 1.30-3pm.

We are hoping our friends and family will drop by for a drink or snack for the cost of a few pennies.

We will be selling home made produce. All designed and made by us (under the watchful eyes of Miss Irwin and Miss Sherliker).
After our successful business venture at May Day we are still reeling with excitement to raise funds for our classroom and school. We are like little Alan Sugars! We have a business plan and are ready to make some cash for iPads, barbies, Lego, scooters and books. 

Please comment on this blog if you think you will be able to pop in and see us that afternoon.
Love Class Jonah.