Time, sinking and floating and Commonwealth gold and silver medals

On Tuesday we got to play with our clocks. Miss irwin tried to trick us with really hard times like 12 0’clock and 7 o’clock but we were just too good. So she had to show us what half past was on the clock and we could do that too! She was extremely impressed with us. We learnt with half past to remember to put the hour hand between the numbers so we know it’s half way round the clock.

Here are some APPs you might want to try to help us learn the time at home.

We also had a very special assembly today as we met Ann and Robbie Brightwell who came to talk to us about the Commonwealth Baton coming into Congleton on Saturday 31st May. They told us how we have to learn to work as part of a team and that our teams our all the peole around us-our family, friends, teachers and also it could be sports teams. As part of living and coming to school in Congleton we are part of the Congleton Team for the Baton visit. They asked us if we would like to go and see it come through town and we can also go to the park to the free party to celebrate it and we can even have our photo taken with it. Out of all the places we the baton is going Congleton is the ONLY town. We are extremely privileged in Congleton to have this and it is a once if a lifetime experience. Something that is not to be missed. Miss irwin and some of the other staff will be going down to the park to see the baton on Saturday. A text will bed net out near the time to tell you where you can find us, so mummies an daddies don’t forget to download the free tickets. Follow this link Commonwealth Baton Congleton .

After assembly we got to look at and touch Ann’s medals we were very excited to see real medals made of gold and silver.