999 – Ambulance please

On Tuesday morning we were lucky to have Mr Rusbridge come in to visit us. Mr Rusbridge who is a Paramedic brought in his bags with an assortment of things to show us. He talked to us about what a Paramedic was. We told him how we know to phone 999 and to ask for an ambulance if somebody is hurt.

Mr Rusbridge brought some bandages and showed us how to put them on. He also brought some stethoscopes for us to listen to our hearts. He showed us how to listen to our hearts.

Mr Rusbridge also brought with him some neck braces for a child and for an adult and Theo and Miss Kippen demonstrated how they needed to be put on.

Mr Rusbridge then showed us how to put somebody in the recovery position if they werenโ€™t very well and not moving.

We really enjoyed learning about how to help people and what a Paramedic does, lots of us want to be a Paramedic now!

Thank you very much for visiting Mr Rusbridge.

Is there a Doctor in the house?

We came back to school with a hop and a skip in our step excited to find out about our new topic. We decided before half term we wanted to learn all about hospitals, doctors, nurses and our bodies.

In half term some new things appeared we now have a Doctors Surgery, Paramedics and a hospital surgery. We love it! So far this week we have had lots of illnesses and ailments to cure and a the odd baby being born!

Each week we are going to be learning something different to do with our topic. This week we are learning about the human skeleton.

This is Savannah the skeleton she is helping us to learn about our bones. We are making our own skeletons and when we have all made ours Miss Irwin is going to bring in her skeleton she has made!


Can you help with our Doctors Surgery?

We have had a a lot of role-play occurring during our active learning time, specifically fixing each others IMAGINARY broken limbs and bruises and cuts.

With the help of Miss Kippen and Mrs Jones we have got a Doctors Surgery outside. However, we are a bit concerned that some of our patients especially the babies are under dressed and we donโ€™t have the correct equipment to make them better.


So Class Jonah are writing to ask if you have any of these at home that we might be able to have for our Doctors:

baby clothes



disposable gloves and aprons

If you do have anything we would greatly appreciate it. ๐Ÿ™‚