A Gruffalo Picnic

This morning we made all the food we wanted for our Gruffalo picnic. Our culinary skills were amazing. We did mixing, cutting and much more.

Whilst making our food we also took some time to make a fire engine! This was donated to us by a very kind family in school. But we will have a whole post about that soon.

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In the afternoon we finished our Gruffalo masks and went up to read the Gruffalo while eating our Roasted fox tails, scrambled snake, Owl ice cream, ham and mouse tail sandwiches and chocolate Gruffalo cake and crunch. Needless to say we were very full after all the food!

What a great way to finish our first Julia Donaldson book. Next week we will be starting to read Superworm!






Let’s play hockey!

This morning we started our day by being taught how to play hockey! We were taught how to hold our sticks, how to move with our sticks, how to push a ball around the playground and stop it and how to hit it, all in 1 lesson and we loved it! 😃


Then we went for an assembly and met Jon our Rector. He told us how he was going on a long journey soon with his wife Ella and they are going around the world.


Then in the afternoon we planned what we wanted to have and make for our Gruffalo’s picnic tomorrow.