Super sentences, yes no games,  silly socks, pirate traps, shark attacks and Ipads afternoon.

Today we wrote our first sentences after learning our karate punctuation. We learnt sentences start with capital letters, finger spaces and full stops. Look how well we did. 

  During reading time we practised reading questions and deciding wether the answer was yes or no. 

Some of us enjoyed a relaxing read in the reading corner.
  Then we had chance to share our crazy socks with each other.  
  Outside we starting to make some Pirate traps using a collection of many different objects.  
We took our shark hats down from the display and pretended to be sharks again before we took them home. Some of us might have tried to form a shark attack on Miss Irwin but unfortunately she spotted us first! We don’t know how she realised! 

In the afternoon we got to spend practising our technology skills by playing with the iPads,
  Busythings and Beebots.  

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