Measuring target

in one day today we’vemAnaged to get another maths target. Today we had to use our measuring skills to measure water or sand. We had to compare containers and what they could hold, by measuring. Then we had to order our containers. 

This morning we did it on our own. Then this afternoon we did it in groups then compared them as a class! 

                We are so clever!  
After that we got to choose and plant up some of our beans! 


Neve the Mystery Reader

Today we had a mystery reader. Freddie opened the door to find his sister Neve.     He was very excited and so were the class. We’d never had a sister mystery reader before! 

Neve had brought her book, ‘The Queens Knickers’. Written by Nicholas Allan.

Neve read the book brilliantly and showed us all the funny Pairs of the Queens nickers.


Thank you Neve for being so kind as to come and be a Mystery Reader.

Mystery Reader with a disgusting book! 

 Miss Orwon heard that noise again this afternoon. It meant only one thing… A Mystery Reader.  Jemimah opened the door today to find her Grandma hiding in Percy’s shed.     She had brought a very disgusting book with her. It was all about a sandwich which the badger wanted to eat and how the sandwich went on a journey. On the journey the sandwich got so slimy, dirty, wet and covered in slugs and all things gruesome nobody would even think about eating it! Or would they?

We found out the Badger did! Errrrr!  

Thank you Jemimahs Grandma for bringing in such a gross book. It was great. 😀

May Day babies! 



Today we checked the duck eggs to see if there were any ducklings growing inside. We could see tiny little peanut shapes inside some, with burns going to it. We checked our calendar and we think they are due to hatch on or around May Day! 

We have to keep our fingers crossed though and remember to pray for them. 

This afternoon we also looked at our beans to see how they were growing. They have started to sprout roots! 

So as scientists we investigated them with our magnifying glasses and started to record their growth in our Bean Diaries.  Today we drew what our bean looked like and labelled its root. 

Miss Irwin says we need to plant them in soil now to give the bean food to grow bigger. We will be doing this tomorrow. 

We learnt our new sound ‘air’ today. It’s very tricky to remember these big sounds so please can you practise writing it with us at home and putting it into words and sentences. 

Head Teacher’s Award

You may have noticed we came home today with a head teacher’s award. The surprise is that all the children in class Jonah got a certificate today for their amazing Kenya questions they wrote yesterday. Miss Irwin was so impressed with us all she broke the rules and asked Mr O’Leary if we could all get an award. 

When we work so hard it’s great to get praise. If we do any writing at home please tell us how wonderful we are because we are all trying really hard. 



After reading the Kenyan letters and their questions today was our day to write some questions. 

First we went on a question mark and full stop hunt in the secret garden. We were very good at remembering question marks. 

Then we practised writing them  


After that we had a good, hard think about what questions we wanted to ask the Kenyans. Then we had a Kenyan style writing lesson. We had no electricity and sat in rows. We wrote on lined paper like the Kenyans, using our small handwriting. Rberimg to segment and bend, to use super sentences and put a question mark at the end! 
Our writing was AMAZING! Miss Irwin is reading them tonight, to decide if we deserve anything extra special for all writing super questions on our first attempt. 

This morning we also did our first attempt at Mayday dancing. It was tricky at first learning how to dance up and down, banana peel and spin round! But for our first go we were very good 😃. 

The adults weren’t bad either! 
This afternoon we practised our new sound ‘ear’. It’s quite tricky but we are trying to remember it because it’s also a word. We wrote it in a sentence to show Mrs Hodder, it said- “o have a year 1 brain.” . Mrs Hodder was very impressed. She said she can’t wait to have us in her class next year if we are that clever.  

We checked on our beans after play to see if they had grown. Our beans had swollen up in size and their shells were starting to split.  





It was very exciting, we didn’t know the beans would swell up! We might check them again tomorrow!