Checking for ducklings and using our imagination! 

Wednesday fun…

We checked the eggs for signs of life and found air sacks! This afternoon we got to use the Imagination Area. We had so much fun, exploring and role-playing.Some of us made a bus and others tried to avoid the sharks and giant squid in the sinking pirate ship. We also enjoyed eating Mr Wonkas chocolate on our house! 

Class rules and Duckies

This morning we decided on some behaviour rules. Then we all signed them to say we agree to follow them.  Then we went to see the duckies who’d come back to school today. We learnt about George and Buddy and how to look after them, it’s our job now to look after them this year.   

During choosing we had 2 new photographers today. Can you guess who they were?    
 We enjoyed sharing our summer topic books today with each other. We will keep sharing them tomorrow and next week until we’ve seen everybody’s. 

Tomorrow we are staying for lunch. Our hot food choices tomorrow are fish fingers or hot dogs. For a packed lunch option we can have ham, cheese or tuna sandwiches. Miss Irwin will ask us what we want in the morning. 

Planning our holidays and duck patrol.

first day back and we saw how big the ducklings had grown. Then we gave

Them there new outdoor home to roam around in all day. There is a fence around the area to keep the ducks in and children out. We decided to have a duck patrol. Which will be two people every play time in charge of making sure people are nice to the ducks and they don’t feed them.

         After putting out the ducks for the day we set to planning our holiday topic and what better way to do it, than by sitting in the sun.  

We also got to have a play in our new role-play the Travel Agents.

After playtime we learnt the days of the week and practised ordering them using our song to help us. 

  Please help us practise our days of the week at home. We are trying to remember their order and what day comes before a certain day and what day comes after a certain day.

In the afternoon we started our new PE topic of Athletics. Today we practised hurdles and the egg and spoon race in preparation for school sports day. We were very good and some of us were extremely fast. 

We also had our class photo she had to take quite a few so we are hoping their is one of all of us when we are all smiling. Fingers crossed.