Mystery reader- a big sister!

On Friday 18th we were lucky enough to have another mystery reader. This mystery reader was special because she is A’s big sister from Class Noah. G said she’d always wanted to be a mystery reader as she remembered when her dad came and was a mystery reader when she was in Class Jonah. She said she loves reading and really wanted to read to us.  
 G read us the story ‘No-Bot’ written by Sue Hendra. It’s all about a robot who lot his bottom!

Thank you G for coming to be a mystery reader.

Mystery Nanny

Another mystery reader and it was Nanny. She had brought with her two books. One of the books was quite old it had been read before by    M’s mummy when she was little.

We loved listening to Nanny read she was such a good story teller. She answered our questions and told us that her and M have a secret fairy garden! Wow! 

Thank you so much for coming Nanny. 😀

A Mystery Reader with a Giant in tow. 

Today we had another Mystery Reader.

 It was Mrs Blythe with ‘The Smartest Giant’ in town written by Julia Donaldson. This story is a bedtime favourite in their house at bedtime. 

We loved the story and the Giant song. If you haven’t got the story at home but want to hear it click this link. The Smartest Giant in Town . 

Thank you Mrs Blythe for being our Mystery Reader. 

Mystery Reader

What is a Mystery Reader?

A Mystery reader is somebody from our families; mummy, daddy, a grandparent, auntie, uncle, big sister or brother, or even the next door neighbour, who signs up to come and read one afternoon at story time. But only Miss Irwin knows who it is!

They bring a story book of their choice and they read it to the class.

The children love finding out who the mystery reader is and can not wait to hear the story. So if you or someone you know would like to b a mystery reader please sign up.

How do our adults sign up to be a mystery reader?

Miss Irwin has put a sign up sheet on the parents notice board. All you need to do is sign your initials on the date you can do.

Mystery Reader can be any afternoon at 2.50m. Please arrange what date with Miss Irwin. If you do want to do it but that time will not suit ask Miss Irwin and she will see what she can do to accommodate you. To see past Mystery Reader look at our Mystery Reader blog posts.

Remember its a SECRET!

Neve the Mystery Reader

Today we had a mystery reader. Freddie opened the door to find his sister Neve.     He was very excited and so were the class. We’d never had a sister mystery reader before! 

Neve had brought her book, ‘The Queens Knickers’. Written by Nicholas Allan.

Neve read the book brilliantly and showed us all the funny Pairs of the Queens nickers.


Thank you Neve for being so kind as to come and be a Mystery Reader.

Dates for the diary

Friday 31st Jan– Parents Morning- please come and stay, even if just for 10 minutes. We love it when you come in to see our work.

4th Feb – Junk Day – Rocket Making

11th Feb– Space Day – come dressed as an Astronaut or Scientist.

After half term we will be starting our Mystery Reader. If you would like to sign up there is a sheet by the classroom door. See the mystery reader blog post for more information.