SUPERHERO DAY-Thursday 30th

Dear Parents,

We  have decided we would like to have a Superhero Day before we finish the half term.

It is non-uniform day on Thursday 30th of March this is the day we would like our Superhero day. If any children do not want to come in Superhero costumes they can then come in in their normal clothes.

The costumes we have been using for our role-play in class were from Amazon. This might be something to consider if you wanted to share the cost (if you don’t have any costumes!).








Superhero challenges and Superworm the science experiment! 

As part of our topic we have been completing challenges to do with the book ‘Superworm’. We had a time challenge on the trim trail after P.E on Wednesday, we were so speedy. 

All week we have been writing about the characters in Superworm. We’ve been using story language in our sentences. Some of us loved describing the villain of the story ‘the evil Wizard Lizard’.

We have been watching the story on CBeebies. Superworm-CBeebies James Mcavoy. We all agreed that Miss Irwin’s Wizard Lizard character voice was better than James’! 

On Thursday we learnt about worms. We learnt what they look like and the names of the parts of the body. We also learnt some really interesting facts about them. 

After learning the facts we measured how long an African giant earthworm was. Then we went up to the field to find some worms. The only way to find worms is to do the Superworm dance!

We found lots, but not all of us found one. So next week we are going to try again and we’re going to make a wormery. 

After our worm hunt Mrs Wade came to visit us to see our attempt at cursive handwriting in our new books. She was very impressed!