3D dinosaurs

the last few days we’ve been trying to remember some of the 3D shapes we learnt before Christmas. This is because we are making something with our junk modelling.

As part of making our models we have planned our model and begun to label them. 

Today we started to make our models. Look at the mess we made!    

You won’t believe how hard we worked. We had adults to help us but their brains were switched off so we had to give them instructions to help us.     

First we all selected out materials then we spent all afternoon making them. 

You won’t see the final product until after half term and when you do you will be amazed! 

Here’s a little clue to what they might be! 

To help us make our models we will need some newspaper. Please can you bring any old newspapers if you have some at home. 😀

Homework, Non uniform and school disco. 

Dear Class Jonah parents,

You have not had any homework today as you will be getting a half term homework sheet to read and work on over half term. All marked homework will be returned into bags tomorrow with the new half term sheet.

Thanks again to all those parents and children who have emailed me their homework these last two weeks. Your all doing a fabulous job and it really is making a difference to your child’s learning supporting their learning at home. Well done.😀

Here is just a little showcase of some of the homework I have had emailed to me. More to come next term.


Please be aware tomorrow is a non-uniform day for a PFA fundraiser and on Friday it is non-uniform day for the current May Queen Lily Lou as a fundraiser. Please bring donations for non-uniform in an envelope so it doesn’t get lost! 
Tomorrow morning I will not be in school as I am on a EYFS course. Mrs Worswick will be teaching Class Jonah for me.

Kind regards

Miss Irwin

Shrove Tuesday

Today’s learning was all about pancakes and how to make them. We learnt about how to think about writing instructions and how if we don’t give instructions properly things might not turn out how we expect! 

Miss Sherliker was our pancake chef this morning but she had switched her brain off. This meant she could only do things if we told her how to do them. We gave her instructions by writing them down with Miss Irwin’s help.

Our first instruction didn’t go quite as we expected and made us laugh out loud! We wrote ‘put the flour in the bowl’ and that’s exactly what Miss Sherliker did.  
After that we started to really think about what words we needed to use for the instructions.  
    After making the pancake mix we went to make the pancakes with Miss Sherliker in the kitchen.    

 Every morning we practise saying the timetable using words such as first, next, then , after and last. Our language skills have really helped us to write our instructions. 


Safer Internet Day

  Today was safer internet day. This afternoon before we tucked into our pancakes we had a chat about how when we go on the Internet  we must always have an adult around to help us. 

For two reasons 

1) to make sure we are safe and don’t see anything we are not supposed to see. Especially on YouTube.

2) to help us use the Internet correctly.

If you want to talk to us about how to use computers, tablets, mobiles and gaming safely at home this poster might help you. 

Even though we are only 4 and 5 years old it doesn’t mean we might not go on the Internet with our friends, siblings or other adults. We need to know how to be safe which means you do to! 

This video might help open up a dialogue with us. Safer Internet Video

Safe surfing .

Happy Chinese New Year! 

To celebrate the Chinese new year today we had Chinese themed activities. We learnt about why Chinese New Year was special to people in China. Finding out about how Chinese people cleaned their houses in preparation for the celebrations, how they had red envelopes with money in and watched special parades where dragons danced. 

We also learnt about the different animals and their story of why each year is named after an animal. We learnt some of us were Rabbits and some were Tigers. Miss Irwin is a Rooster! 

There were messy noodles outside to explore. Anybody fancy a take away?   
 We had Chinese smelling playdoh.  
 Used our cutting and sticking skills to create our own monkeys.  
Some of us wrote Happy Chinese New Year Cards to our families.        
In the afternoon we tried Chinese noodles, some of us even used chopsticks! 

 Then we tried fortune cookies. 

Some of us liked them some of us didn’t!

Finally we made our very own Chinese lanterns.