Carnivores or herbivores

We have been learning about the different types of dinosaurs.

Dinosaurs that are carnivores usually have sharp teeth to eat meat, sharp claws and 2 legs to run fast.

Herbivores have rounded teeth to help chew plants, four legs and are quite slow. Some have long necks to eat leaves off tall trees.

Miss Irwin asked us to go and choose any dinosaur we wanted. Then we had to decide if the our dinosaur was a carnivore or herbivore, then we sorted them. Look how clever we are. 


Newsletter and MacMillan Coffee morning.

Dear Parents,

If you haven’t read the school Newsletter please do so. Lots of important information is included in the newsletters and it is vital as a parent of our school you stay up to date on the school calendar and events.

Follow this link. School Newsletter 15th September 2016

Image result for mcmillan coffe mornign

You will have also seen there is a small letter in your bags from the school council regarding Friday morning. It is parents morning which is when all parents are invited into school to be part of our learning.  As well as it being parents morning it is also our MacMillan coffee morning. Families are welcome to bake cakes for the sale or send in donations.

I will not be teaching the class on Friday morning as I am on a course until lunchtime. Mrs Armitt will be teaching the class.

Thank you for your continued support.

Miss Irwin



Dinosaur teeth

We have been making dinosaur teeth. We used 3D shapes to make imprints in the sand and then filled them with plaster.

Today we got to be palaeontologists. Our teeth had dried and we had to brush off the sand. 

We had to do it very carefully to make sure we didn’t break the teeth, just like real palaeontologist do. We were very impressed with our teeth. We had to decide if our teeth came from herbivore or carnivore dinosaurs. 


Show and tell days

Dear Parents,

I know some of you have asked for the show and tell days again, so I thought I would put a copy of the letter on the blog so everyone can see it here.

Please see below.

Kind regards

Miss Irwin




Class Jonah’s show and tell days

Mon Tues Wed Thurs Fri




















Everybody has been given a show and tell day. This allows all the children in the class key time during the week to practise talking and listening.

It will allow them to share with their friends things that are special to them. Show and tell stays in the show and tell box under Miss Irwin’s desk. Your child is allowed to bring in 1 item.

If your child wishes to bring something special or unusual please let Miss Irwin know. We can have pets and larger things, but please give school prior notice.

If you want to share a video or photo you can email them to Miss Irwin- .

Today we turned into scientists!

Yes it’s true! We are that clever we actually turned into scientists this afternoon! 

As soon as we put on our white scientist jackets out brains grew bigger. 

Miss Irwin set us a challenge to draw information we were going to learn about dinosaurs from watching an infrmation video.

We looked at the land, trees, water, dinosaurs and fossils. We even saw volcanoes.

Our observational drawings are on display in the classroom for you to see. 

After our science investigation we had time to explore. Some of us practised using the iPads to learn how to take good of our learning.