Ducklings first week on film

It’s been a busy first week for us. Firstly it took us two days to even get out of our shells, which made us exhausted. Then we did so many new things it’s a good job it was half term on Friday, we needed a holiday. 

Day one hatching out! And warming up and drying out.  Learning to eat and drink.  Learning to write.  Having class Jonah clean up our poo and wee.  Having our first swim.  Having lots of power naps.  Getting named.                Our names are unisex names as we don’t know if we are boys or girls yet!  

Now we are going to Miss Irwins house for our holiday. 

See you soon.

From the ducklings 🐤

Mow Cop Trip

Today we want to Mow Cop castle to see the remains of the folly. 

It was a bit windy but luckily the rain had stopped. 
We all walked around the different parts, looked out at the view and tried to recognise the different parts of the castle.


 Then we sat down to do some drawings of the castle. 


Thank you to all the mummies who came to help today. We couldn’t have gone with out you-  Judah’s mum, Kalebh’s mum, Lucie’s mum and Mrs Hamilton, Miss Sample and Mrs Irwin. 😃

“Aw they are so cute. Are we their mummies?”

 It’s official we have all fallen in love with our ducklings. ❤️ This morning we moved our then 6 ducklings, into their new home for the next few weeks. We put in a comfy bed, food, water and a warm lamp to keep them cosy. We watched them as they got excited and explored their new environment. 



We had a serious chat about who would be their mummy. We all agreed Miss Irwin was the number one mummy but after that we would be all be in charge of taking care of them. Some of us wanted to be daddies as we are boys! 

When we weren’t watching the ducklings we did do some work!

We went outside for a word search Miss Irwin and Mrs Hamilton had made for us. We had to find as any of the 100 high frequency words as possible. We had to tick them off on our sheets.    

            They were all over the place. It was great fun!  
In the afternoon we had French with Mrs Oakes who said were were amazing and had tebeted everything we’d learnt so far. 

Then we looked at out beanstalks, some of them were massive! 

After our beanstalks we were allowed to have a little hold of the ducklings. They were now 1 day old. 

After school Miss a irwin helped another 2 ducklings hatch out. Now we have 8! 

Duck Day

It’s official, they’ve hatched and are still hatching. 

            So far we have 5 ducklings. We have starting making a names list and have spent all day keeping a close eye on them while doing our work. Soon they will go in the cage under a heat lamp and we will be able to hold them. 

May Day costumes and Saturday arrival information. 

Boys costumes will go home on Friday. They must come ready dressed in their costumes. 

Girls Maid dresses will stay in school for them to get changed into when they arrive at school at 12.45. 

All children must arrive at school on Saturday at 12.45 through Miss Irwin’s classroom. The gate will be open at 12.45. There they will be signing in register and then children will be sent to the rooms to get ready. No parents are allowed beyond Miss Irwin’s classroom. 

Parents are best to then get a place ready for viewing the procession, getting a seat in church or a seat on the field at the farm to watch dancing. 

Only Maids mums who have offered help will be allowed to come into school. But they will have to leave before the procession.  

If you are unsure of timings please check the letter on the school website. 

If you are helping on a stall Miss Itwin will have a wrist band for you to wear which gets you free entry.

Mow Cop visit update

  As you are aware Miss Irwin tried to arrange a trip to Mow Cop for today but unfortunately did not have enough help. 

We would still like to try to go before half term. 

Is anybody free next Wednesday afternoon? 

We need 1 or possibly 2 cars with a driver that can hold 2/3 children seats. 

Please let Miss Irwin know ASAP if  can help. 

Raffle ticket collection! 

Yesterday, we had a wonderful surprise when Rachel the play therapist popped into our class. She brought back in one of our class Jonah envelopes. We had posted it through her door on Tuesday. She had read Annabelle’s letter and said she was so impressed she had to buy some raffle tickets! She bought £5 worth! 
We were very pleased. We thought maybe our plan might have worked. 

So today was the moment of truth. We would find out if all our hard work of planning and writing our letters, making our packages and posting all 50+ letters to our neighbours had worked? 

After play we set off on our walk.  

  We found our first envelope  just near the daffodill green.  

 But then not many more for a few doors. It was then we thought maybe people were on holiday, or too busy, or maybe didn’tike raffles! We started to. Have sad faces. 😟

But then…

As we got further down the road and spilt into teams to check different sides of the road we found a few on some door stops, then a few more, then a few more! We were starting to prove our critics wrong! Our bag was getting full!   

We even had people come out and talk to us and chase us to give us their tickets! 

When we got back to school we counted up all the envelopes, we’d collected 30!

We have managed to raise from our letters £138. We are extremely happy and Miss Irwin is very, very proud of us all. 😀

So please help us to raise more money on the raffle by telling everyone how hard we’ve worked, so they might want to buy tickets too!