Space 🌍🌑🌝✨

So we’ve been planning our new topic ‘Space’. We have thought of things we want to learn about and planned our role play, which you may have notice has been under construction this week. We are having a space station inside and rocket and space area outside.

We have also been planning our questions that we want answering: What is in space? What are the other planets like? Why do we have stars? How long does it take to get to Mars? Those are only a few of our questions.

Miss Irwin has planned a trip on the 9th of February to Jodrell Bank which includes two workshops to help us learn more about space and astronauts. Letters will be coming home soon. We will need help with transport that day.

As part of our topic we want to go to the Moon. As we learnt this week it takes 3 days to get to the moon and that we’d also need a very expensive rocket (which we don’t think we can afford on our school budget!) we think we might not be able to get there!  So we have planned to have a day when we pretend to go to the Moon instead, it’s going to be called ‘Space Day’. On that day we are allowed to come dressed as Astronauts. We were thinking black/white or silver clothes, some of us have said we already have Astronaut costumes which would be OK to wear if we have them. Please can you help us to think of our costumes in advance. Space Day will be on 16th February (last day of term).

Some of our learning this term will include designing and building. We will be making helmets, telescopes, rockets, jet packs and night skies. All of which we need to ask you to help us with.

We will need you to save some of your recycling for us.

  1. medium sized cardboard boxes.
  2. Lots of large 1l and 2l plastic bottles. ( we need 2 each).
  3. Toilet rolls.
  4. 1x glass jar per child.
  5. Any large boxes.

When it comes to days when we will be making these things we might need extra helpers to come into class, so Miss Irwin will put a post on the blog to ask if your free. 

If you have anything at home that you think might help with our topic please let us bring it into school. 😀

Baking money please.

Dear parents, 

We were very lucky last half term to have parents who came in to bake. We are hoping to continue baking over the next term. 

Baking is great for fine and gross motor skills, communication skills, building friendships and for just getting messy!

We are going to be asking for acontribution  towards baking this half term of £1 per child. 

This will help to buy all the ingredients we will need. 

Thank as always for your support.

Miss Irwin

Happy New Year everyone! 

I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas and New Year. I’m sure Santa came to everyone as Santa Camera definitly saw how hard we all worked before Christmas! 

I’d like to thank you all for your lovely, thoughtful Christmas presents. I was over whelmed. 😊

I hope you’ve all managed to have some quality family time with your little cherubs and I’m sure you can’t wait for school to start again. 😄

I have some little news of me own …I am very happy to share I got engaged on New Year’s Eve so I’m a very happy Miss Irwin.😀 

Back to business now though. Just thought I’d remind everyone that school starts back on Monday and all P.E kits and reading books need to come into school that day. P.E is Monday afternoon and I will be checking all the reading diaries and books.

If you haven’t downloaded our new school app yet please do so. We are hoping it will give us another clear way of communicating to families what’s happening in school. 

If you have any questions about the APP please email me and I’ll try and help. 

See you all on Monday.

Kind regards,

Miss Irwin

3D Shapes and junk modelling materials.

Image result for 3d shapes

As part of our maths for next week we will be starting to learn about 3D shapes their properties and their names.

We will be making 3D models, this time our models will be Christmas themed. Please can you save your toilet roles and boxes from your recycling and bring them in next week.

If there are any family members who are free on Tuesday 20th and Wednesday 21st to come and help us make and decorate our models that would be wonderful. Please let me know if you can help.

Kind regards,

Miss Irwin


REMINDER: Dress rehearsal tomorrow

All children were given a letter last week to advise you that children should have clothes to wear underneath their costumes as the church is quite cold. Suggested items to keep them warm were vests and leggings/tights. If you have boys and would prefer them to wear jogging bottoms instead of their school trousers they can wear their PE joggers or you can send some in from home. Please make sure if you do send extra clothes from home that they are labelled with their name.

They will all be wearing their school pumps/black trainers from their P.E bags.

There is no charge to watch the Nativity and as many adults/family members are allowed to watch as the church can hold a lot of people.

Nativity show times are WEDNESDAY AFTERNOON at 2PM and THURSDAY EVENING at 5.30pm.

All the children will be on the stage several times during the nativity. The best places to sit in church will be anywhere where you can see the stage. The school children not in year 6 or Class Jonah will be sitting together with staff in the first row of pews off the aisle, the rest of the school are the nativity choir. Any pews not reserved will be free for families to sit in.

Any questions please ask.

Wish us luck!

Miss Irwin