2D Shapes

What are 2D shapes? Ask us and we will tell you they are flat shapes. Today our target focus was to learn about circles and find them around school. Look what we found. 


School Nativity

Dear Parents, 

As you will be aware our school Nativity is on Tuesday 15th December at 2pm and Wednesday 16th December at 5.30pm at the church. 

All children in Reception have a part in the Nativity. The children’s lines have put in their bags please make sure your practicing them at home with your child. They need to be able to say their lines clearly and loudly. A CD was put in the school bags last week with all the songs on. Please listen to the music and get your child to teach you the actions to the songs. 
All costumes will be provided by school but children will need to wear clothes under their costumes as they will be performing in church and it can be quite cold. We suggest that boys wear black trousers and a vest with school shoes and girls wear leggings, a vest and school shoes. 

If you have any questions please let me know.

Kind regards 

Miss Irwin

Pirate words, messy spaghetti and the Nativity Story.

How much can our brains grow in a week? Very big is the answer. Just look at what we’ve been learning. 

It started in the mornings with some Pirate treasure words. But were they real treasure words or trash words?    

In the afternoons we’ve been working on our gymnastic routines especially our pencil rolls.  Mrs Armitt is going to be amazed when we show her our routines next week.

 As part of our topic this week we’ve been putting our finishing touches on our treasure chests.  
But our learning doesn’t stop there…

  We’ve all been practising our tall towers, but who’s is going to be the tallest?  


Can we count how tall they are now we’ve practised learning all our numbers to 20? Oh yes we can. ūüĎćūüėÄ

As part of our messy and creative play this week we explored what exciting things we could do with spaghetti. 


To make sure the spaghetti didn’t get too messy we had a stand in Pete to clean up after us! Watch out Pete, she did a very good job.

During our R.E sessions we retold the story of the Nativity. Then thought about our favourite parts in the story and how the people would have been feeling. Look at our drawings and understanding of people’s emotions.  
  What will next week bring. Watch this space!

Remember our blog is a great way of sharing our learning with other family members, why not let Grandparents and Aunty and Uncles see our learning too. Tell them about the blog and get them signed up.

Water bottles and recyclables 

Next week we will be attempting to make our own Penguins! But to do this we will need an empty water bottle. Please can you help us save a water bottle for next week and write our name on it and bring it in. 



We are in need of recyclables such as egg boxes, tissues boxes, toilet/kitchen rolls, toothpaste boxes, empty food cases/boxes, plastic lids, detergent bottles and anything else that would be exciting to make models with. 

If you can save these recycables and bring them in on December 16th we will use them to make our very own Christmas masterpiece. So watch this space! 

Super sentences, yes no games, ¬†silly socks, pirate traps, shark attacks and Ipads afternoon.

Today we wrote our first sentences after learning our karate punctuation. We learnt sentences start with capital letters, finger spaces and full stops. Look how well we did. 

  During reading time we practised reading questions and deciding wether the answer was yes or no. 

Some of us enjoyed a relaxing read in the reading corner.
  Then we had chance to share our crazy socks with each other.  
  Outside we starting to make some Pirate traps using a collection of many different objects.  
We took our shark hats down from the display and pretended to be sharks again before we took them home. Some of us might have tried to form a shark attack on Miss Irwin but unfortunately she spotted us first! We don’t know how she realised! 

In the afternoon we got to spend practising our technology skills by playing with the iPads,
  Busythings and Beebots.  

Four fantastic days

Firstly Miss Irwin would like to say thank you to all the parents who came to parents consultations. It was great to meet you all and tell you how wonderful your little cherubs are.  

Here’s what we’ve been up to this week.

Monday was RE with Mrs Armitt can you tell what we have been learning about?
  Monday afternoon was PE. We had to perform our own gymnastic routine which had to include a jump, balance move and a roll.


On Tuesday we learnt our new sound ‘v’.  

 To write v we go down, stop, then go back up.As part of our topic we started writing letters to the Pirates and putting them into a bottle.

On Wednesday we did a secret activity with Mrs Armitt even Miss Irwin doesn’t know what it is. So watch this space.

Here’s a clue…

We also practised recognising teen numbers 13,14,15. We looked at big number squares to look at patterns in numbers. We played this game called number splat. Follow the link to play it at home.

Number splat
Today we created our own number hunt with the number 16. We wrote the number then split into to teams to hide them for the others to find. It was great fun! 

Today we learnt our new sound ‘w’. 

This afternoon we had French with Mrs Oakes and practised our colours. We listened to Twinkle, twinkle little star. Then we helped Mrs Oakes decorate her picture with her stars. Then we made our own stars. 

After French we had time with the iPads to see if we can remember how to use the iPads. Our targets were to turn on the iPad, enter the code, find the APP and play bee it APP. If you have an iPad at home you could get it for free. 

When we found it we could get it at home for free we fainted with shock!  

After completing our targets we did some choosing and some of us kept playing on the iPads.

As you can tell from our hairy friend we have been using busy things APP. One of us created him on our busy things APP. Miss Irwin discovered him in the saved photos. Pretty cool isn’t he. ūüėÄ