Story telling, marble runs and shopping lists.

This morning we spent our reading time learning our story maps of ‘shark in the Park’ by retelling them to our friends. 

Miss Irwin and Mrs Hamilton were bursting with pride we did so well. Sidney was picked as Headteacher Award for his storytelling techniques. We think you would agree he was very good. 

Click here to see him read it using his story map.

Shark in the park by Sidney
We were all fantastic, please ask us at home to retell you the story using our story telling voices.   
 After lunch we had an afternoon of trying out our new talking telephones. We had to think about what to talk about which at times was a bit tricky!

Today we played with smaller marble runs. We learnt how to fix them together to make different ‘Inventions’.   

 We also played in the supermarket, buying food with our shopping lists and being the till operators.  


Online reading

Today the login and password for online reading was stuck at the front of the reading diaries. 

To login go to active learn primary here via this link. Active learn login. Put in your child’s login, then password. The school code is srrc. 

It should login to your child’s account and should look like this. 

It will say your child’s name and that you have some stuff. Click the stuff tab.

All the books will be loaded up ready to read. We have already looked at some books in class this week, so don’t be surprised if 1 or 2 say open. 

Select the book you want to read. It will open up. It might look like this while it’s loading. 

After it’s loaded it will show you the front cover with a parent guide.  

The green bug face is a comprehension question to answer. Click on a bug when you see it and answer a question. You can collect bug points to buy things in the shop. Each book can earn a certain amount of points.

Click my rewards to see where you can go and what you can collect.

Let the children read it on their own , with you and by letting the book read it to them. 

Any issues or questions please let me know.

Happy reading.📖

Miss Irwin

Wonderful Wednesday

Today we practised recognising our numbers to ten. As we have learnt them all now. So we practised showing Mrs Armitt how we could remember them by using our number rhymes to help us.  

 Then we went on a number hunt with her. Some of us got to use the hose pipe with Mrs Hamilton to fire water at numbers she said.    We used our telescopes to help us.

After lunch we did some more work on the story of Jonah and the Whale.

Then during choosing we carried with our investigative play, by hiding numbers for others to find, making bridges and developing our marble run. 

 To top off our day we got prizes if we’d brought in our homework. All of us have new homework today, to be ready for next Wednesday. 

A mega Tuesday

Its fair to say that today our brains have been electric. With fantastic phonics, when we learnt our new sound ‘g’. We practised writing it and putting it into words with other letter sounds we knew. We should now be able to read words with s,a,t,p,I,n,m,d and g. We can do it in class, maybe you could help us at home?   
Rhyme or slime? This week we’ve been learning about the rhyming words in shark in the park. We know words rhyme if the end of the word sounds the same. 

We played a game called rhyme or slime, we got yo try and match rhyming word pairs in the slime. Messy!


In the afternoon we created our own Marble run challenge.    

Learning to work as a team. Finding the problems like runaway marbles!

Then trialing ways to solve the problems. Like building barriers with bricks and moving things.
We started to make our 3D Sharks out of recycled material with a Ruby’s mummy’s help.

  We knew what shapes we needed. Some of us even decided to make certain types of sharks, such as hammerhead Sharks.