May Day Photos 27th April

IMG_4397.JPGThe Reception girls will be in a May Day photo shoot next week for the retinue and Queen photos.

They have had their costumes sorted in school. To accompany their dresses they will need white pumps and white socks. Please send these into school in a bag with their name on. These need to be in school by next Tuesday at the latest.

The girls will be brought in earlier from lunch so the adults can help them get ready for the photos at 1pm. Any mummies who are free to help from 12.30 with hair and dressing would be greatly appreciated. Please let Miss Irwin know if you can come in to help.


Sunny days makes learning so much fun😀☀️

Today we’ve been inside and outside a lot. It’s hot outside and cool inside, its great fun. Look what we’ve been doing during our exploring time…Making a Lego city …

 Camping out!

Mixing up some yummy porridge cakes!   
Practising our balancing and fine motor skills.

Also we have been checking on our duck eggs.
Yes that’s right we have an incubator in the classroom with 8 green call duck eggs inside.

On Monday we put eggs in the incubator and learnt about how the incubator keeps them warm to hatch out. We don’t know if there is any ducklings inside yet, we’ve gotta wait til next week to see.

We turn the eggs three times a day. Miss Irwin turns them in the morning and at night. We have to remember to turn them after lunch. Today we started to write things that we wanted to learn about the eggs when they (hopefully) hatch.🐣 

We’ve also been practising our new sound ‘ear’ for fear, tear, near and we have been practising our May Day dancing. 

Birthday Surprise!

Today Miss Irwin received an early birthday surprise from class Jonah, Miss Sherliker and Miss Brindley. 

She came back to the classroom to have us all shout ‘Happy early birthday’.  It’s not Miss Irwin’s birthday until Monday but Miss Sherliker and Miss Brindley organised it so we could all be together to celebrate it.  
   In the afternoon we used Miss Irwin’s balloons to play games of our own. Like catch the balloon then some of us practised seeing how many times we could hit our balloons up into the air.

May Day competition 

This afternoon Miss Irwin taught us about the Village tradition of May Day and how it’s a big celebration for our school. We learnt about the maypole and the Queen and her retinue.    

Then we were told we were entering a competition to design a the May Day front cover for the programme book. We got very excited! 

Using old May Day photos and ideas we had learnt about May Day we drew our designs.

 We know the whole school is entering the competition but we are keeping our fingers crossed that one of us might win! 😬

Our drawing skills were very good and our colouring was careful and neat.


Doubling and maths activities

Now we are more grown up and are brains are bigger we can have a go at trying to do year 1 work. Today we all tried going off to do maths jobs before we went onto our exploring time. We had lots of activities to pick from.    

We could make link chains, write the two times table or practise making patterns. While some of us worked with our friends on our own maths targets others worked with Miss Irwin to practise doubling and with Miss Sherliker to find and squirt numbers to 20.

 Did you know to double a number it means you just add the same again? 

Miss Irwin says we have this for homework this week and we think it’s going to be easy because we were so good at it today. 

Check out we’ve been recording our doubling today. 👏🏻  



 So we came back to school today amd our brains have definitely grown. Miss Irwin said she could tell because we were so good at listening and getting on with our work.

Our new topic is Animals. We have loads of ideas for our new topic. This week we are using our information books to research about different animals and plan what we want to learn about them. 

 We have also started to make our new role play ‘Astbury Vets’. This morning we have been making some cages and seeing what equipment a vet needs.

  We have also been playing with our new farm set which was donated by Mrs Ashun last term.

 Some of us have said we have pets that we would like to bring in. This might be possible depending on the pet. If we have a pet at home and want to bring it in parents need to speak to Miss Irwin. 

This afternoon we started our P.E for this term which is dance. We are starting to learn our routine for May Day. We practised skipping and counting to 8. We then practised a few moves in our sets. We were very good.


WORLD WATER DAY- Tuesday 22nd March

A letter went home in bags and was emailed to Parents on Friday. It gave families more information about Astbury World Water Day on Tuesday. The day has been organized by the Eco team and staff.

Children will be off timetabled learning all day to take part in mini workshops led by teachers. It will give them insight into the importance of water.

ALL CHILDREN are asked to wear blue clothing and bring in A LITRE BOTTLE OF WATER with their name on it.