Our week of learning about Camping has begun. Today we started by putting up the tent. Miss Irwin put it up in the mud kitchen, she said if we are good we can have a go soon! 

The rules are, we leave our shoes outside the tent. It’s lucky we have this rule, otherwise Miss Irwin wouldn’t have realised where half of the class were this afternoon. Can you guess where we are? 
Today Miss Irwin and Mrs Hamilton went on the Nursery visits. So Mrs Arkle and Mrs Cross taught us some tricky Year 1 maths. We learnt about odd and even numbers. We learnt that odd numbers always have 1 left over after all the pairs are made up, we tried it on our fingers. We could show you if you ask us!  Then we learnt how to share numbers and what happens if there is one left over! Miss Irwin doesn’t know we’ve learnt this, so we are going to surprise her after she’s finished all her visits! 

Tomorrow will be hot, so we must bring our hats and be wearing our suncream.

Postcards and Ice creams 

We started our day by practice writing our tricky words like Year 1’s do, by having a spelling test. Look how well we did!   

Then we did some fantastic writing. We learnt how to write postcards. Our writing was so amazing Miss Itwin sent some of us to show Mrs Hodder. All out writing is on the display topic wall. Please come and read them. 

In the afternoon we had French with Mrs Oakes. She opened her cafe again and this week it was some very Yummy baguettes mm mm.    In the afternoon we also went in our new role play the Ice cream shop.        We finished the day with some well deserved ice cream.        

Father’s Day afternoon

After a busy morning of setting up our tables, writing nice things about our daddies and making cakes and brownies for them, we were ready for our Father’s Day afternoon.


At 1.30 the daddies, grandpas and mum came in. It was brilliant. We had drinks and cakes. Then they had playtime with us, then we had a hiatus competition. 

We had to make a boat that floated! 


                                            As you can see we were all very focused on making our wonderful boats. We tested them in the water to check if they floated. 

Miss Irwin found it really harder to pick a winner, as all the boats were floaters! 

So in the end everybody won! 

Well done to all the adults who came on Friday and thank you for coming and spending time with us. It really made it special having you there.

Happy Father’s Day daddies 😀  

Amazing blends!

As part of our phonics lessons we have been learning about blends. Blends are the letters that come together at the beginning or end of words that sound like the letters are stuck together. For example bring has a blend at the beginning – br. We have learnt to say the blend section fast to read, but to say it very slowly to spell it so we can hear all the letters making the blend. It’s very tricky! Today we read words with blends in then tried to write them in our own sentences. 

Look at our fantastic attempts.  


French cafe and building walls

This morning in phonics we worked on our blends at the beginning of words. Such as St, ch, th , the, star, bl, br, tr and had a go at writing words and spelling them with blends in. 

If we say the words slowly and think about what our mouth is doing it helps us to write down all the letters in the blend. 

Maybe we could try sounding out and writing some of these words at home! 

Tree, three, blend, spend, trip, skip, creep, sleep. 

We did also do some secret stuff which we can’t tell you about. But during secret work time some of us did find time to build some walls.
After lunch we had French with Mrs Oakes and she opened up her cafe again. This week she was selling ‘pain au chocolate’ . We had to colour in and cut our euros to go and buy the food in the shop. We used hello, thank you, please and many more French words we’ve remembered from over the last year. 
After playtime we did some year 1 writing in year 1 books for Mrs Hodder, she’s going to be so impressed! 😀 but don’t tell her it’s a surprise! 

Visit to the Travel Agents

Today we went on a visit to Congleton to visit a Travel Agent. 

We looked around the shop at the brochures.   
At the desks where the Travel Agents sit.       Then we got to pick a holiday we would like while we waited for the lady to see us.              

We had lots of questions. Like how do you get on a cruise ship? How long does itvtakento go on holiday to Florida? Did she get free holidays? How does the foreign money get into the travel agents and …      How did she book a holiday?  Great questions Class Jonah and brilliant behaviour. 
A special thank you to Jodi’s mum and Jacob’s dad, and especially to Edward Blythes mum. If you hadn’t have driven us we couldn’t have gone. 😀

Father’s Day afternoon – June 19th


Reminder to all Dad’s, this Friday is Father’s afternoon. We are welcoming all the Dad’s to come and join us for the afternoon, to have some fun, maybe even a competition!

If Dad’s can not come then Granddad’s, uncles or brothers are allowed as substitutes as we do know it’s hard for Dad’s to get time off work.

We welcome you from 1.30pm onwards until the end of the day.