Mystery Reader with a Smiley Shark 😃

Today our mystery reader was Mrs Hocknell. She brought in the book ‘Smiley Shark’ written by Ruth Galloway. Nobody had heard it before so we were very excited. It was all about a shark who’s friends wouldn’t play with him because of his big smile because they thought he was scary.

For an animated version of the story click here. Smiley Shark 

Thank you Mrs Hocknell for being our mystery reader. 😃👍

If you like sharks and want to read more try this great shark story There’s a hole in the bottom of the sea .

Or watch one of Miss Irwin’s favourite Shark in the park and try and answer the questions at the end.

Free book from The BookTrust.

Every year the BookTrust tries to support families with developing their child’s reading at home. This year their campaign is called ‘time to read’. In your child’s bag tonight is a free book and a support leaflet to help you with reading at home.

As you know reading is a life skill and as a teacher I believe reading to be the most valuable skill your child can learn at this early age.  I ask that you make the time to read Kitchen Disco and enjoy the fun that reading brings to your child’s life.

To find out more about the campaign follow this link. Time to read

Why not send me some pictures or even tweet @booktime and share your reading of #kitchendisco. 

Enjoy your new book 👍🏻

Miss Irwin 📖

Bring in something from home for R.E -Monday 17th October

Image result for christian community

Dear Parents,

As part of our Religous Education lesson tomorrow we are learning about ‘The Christian Community’.

We would like your child to bring in anything that shows they are part of a group, community or team outside of school such as swimming, dancing, football, church etc. They could bring in a swimming badge, photo, uniform, kit. If you could send their item with a note to explain it that would be really helpful.

Many thanks,

Miss Irwin

Dinosaur modelling days- parent help

Dear Parents,

This week in school we will be making our dinosaur models. We have designed them and decided what we might need to make.

I am writing to ask if there are any adults that would be free on Wednesday and Thursday afternoons to help us finish them? The more hands the better. Please let me know on Monday if you think you might be able to help.

Kind regards

Miss Irwin

How you can help at home 14.10.16

This week in school we have been learning so much our brains can not fit into our jumpers! 

In phonics we have been learning the phonemes K and ck as well as the tricky words- the, I and to. 

In our maths we have been ordering numbers and matching amounts to numbers. 

As well as tecobginsong numbers we have also been carrying on with our formation. We practised 8 and 9. We know if we do 9 the wrong way around it looks like a letter P.

We have also been writing our dinosaur plans for our dinosaur models next week by writing labels for what materials we will need. Our segmenting and blending is getting better with practise. 

In our exploring we have had dinosaur making competitions.
In Buddy time we designed our big brain front book covers.

We’ve been making dens
and looking for fossils.

We’ve even started to make our own fossil pictures with Mrs Ainscough. 

How you can help out learning at home

  1. Practise wrong numbers around the house on pay it notes and get us to find the. And order them. Can we tell you what the numbers are?
  2. Practise writing words for models or toys we play with. Using writing in our every day routine is a good way to encourage us to write for a purpose. 
  3. Practise our new letters by finding them in words a round the house or shops.