Back to school tomorrow Monday 20th April

Half term is almost over and it’s back to school tomorrow.

PLEASE BRING IN P.E KITS TOMORROW. We will be having P.E on Monday afternoon and Wednesday morning, every week. In our P.E this term we will be practising our May Day dancing ready for May Day on the 16th of May. More information on May Day will be posted soon, as all children in Reception are involved and parents are asked to support the class stall to help raise funds for our class.

The first week back to school we will be focussing on learning more about our link school in Kenya, we briefly learnt about this  before half term and want to know more. So we will get to experience facts about the country, people, education and living through some kenyan style learning.

For the remainder of the term we will then start our new topic of Castles. By Friday we will have planned our topic as a class and hopefully will have some great ideas of what we want to learn about Castles. Any ideas for our castle theme from home would be greatly appreciated.

During this half term we will be going on a couple of trips out to our local area. One will be a walk down the path at the end of school lane and another will be a trip to see the Mow Cop Castle remains. Dates of these will be posted soon and any adults wishing to help would be very welcome.

We will also be having two stay and read sessions on

-Thursday April 30th 8.45-9.20am

-Thursday May 14th 8.45-9.20am

These sessions are for you to share quality time in school with your child enjoying books and learning skills for reading that will help support reading at home.

We are continuing with Mystery Reader and would like as many people to sign up as possible. We like one mystery reader a week and can be flexible on days. Usually Mystery Reader’s arrive at 2.50 so we can have their story before the end of the school day. The sign up sheet is on the parents board as you enter the classroom.

Lastly, any parents who have any free time and would like to come in and help in the classroom with readers, arts and crafts, baking or just general group work would be greatly appreciated. We always need extra pairs of hands with our learning, even an hour or two would really help. Please let Miss Irwin know if you or a family member is interested in helping.

See you tomorrow.

Miss Irwin :)

Red Nose Day dress

This Friday 13th is Red Nose Day. It is a sponsored danceathon in the afternoon. Children are allowed to come dressed in appropriate clothes to dance in. Trainers, t- shirt, something comfortable to dance. Red is a good colour to wear for Red Nose Day. 

All red nose merchandise is allowed to be worn all day. 

Mother’s day afternoon tomorrow.

Hi mummies, 

Tomorrow please come to the entrance of school and sign in. We are not expecting you until 2pm so no need to be early. Unfortunately there is no space on the staff car park so I’m afraid you’ll have to park at the village car park. See you tomorrow for your surprises. 


Miss Irwin

Duck eggs, food tasting and building houses.

No we haven’t lost our marbles. It is true. We are incubating duck eggs in the hope some may hatch to give us ducklings! 😃 

We got them last Thursday but we needed to check the incubators worked before we got too excited. But the good news it is. So now we can start to count down the days until their arrival. We are not allowed to touch the eggs, but we can look at them and check to see if the temperature is ok. So watch this space.

This last two days we have also been completing our targets of recognising coins. Here we are finding them in the bubbles. We have all tried really hard to remember all the different coins. We all got our targets. Yey! 

This afternoon we had french with Mrs Oakes and learnt the names for all the people from the Enormous Turni in French. We could tell you about them as our pictures are in our bags. 

After playtime Miss Irwin told us we had a suprise, we love surprises. The Thing is it wasnt really a good suprise for some of us! 

It was taste testing with the story Oliver’s  Vegetables. We had to try spinach…



EditSweet peas

and Rhubarb. Some of us liked them all. 


Some of us didn’t. But we tried them all, which Miss Irwin was very proud of us all for because If you don’t try you don’t know! 

For the rest of the afternoon most of us were on a mission to build some tree houses. 

Don’t forget Mother ‘s celebrations on Thursday afternoon! 

Mummies please check your Calendar and make sure you can come to school for our special Mother’s Day afternoon tea party. Starts at 2pm. 

In preparation for Thursday we have been doing secret things that we can’t tell you about. So no grilling us about our days because Miss Irwin swore us to secrecy. 

If you can’t come on Thursday because your working, don’t worry you will still get surprises brought home. If you can let Miss Irwin know via note, text or email if your not attending that would be very helpful. You can always send a replacement of a Grandma or Aunty if you wish and little siblings are allowed to join too. 😃

World Book Day 2015

We all came dressed as our favourite book character. Can yiu guess who we are? 

To start our world book day we invited patents to stay and read with us. We showed them how we can read by using our reading fingers to follow words, by talking about the pictures and discussing the story.

We all got given a special sound card to help us with our reading and writing at home. It’s important that we share good reading skills so that you can help us at home. Miss Irwin had also made a special reading guide to help parents at home. These are all in our bags. Miss Irwin has asked that we please use these at home. 

After our stay and read session we went to see all the other children in the hall. 

For the rest of the morning we did all sorts of reading activities. We looked at our favourite books we brought in. We read magic words and made words disappear. We had some special helpers from Mr Wood’s class to help our brains with word matching, reading and making lego words.

After play we went on a musical bear hunt. We took instruments with us to make the swishy swishy, splash splosh and stumble trip noises. It was brilliant. 

You can watch it here with the actual write Michael Rosen reading it. We’re going on a bear hunt