Mystery Nanny

Another mystery reader and it was Nanny. She had brought with her two books. One of the books was quite old it had been read before by    M’s mummy when she was little.

We loved listening to Nanny read she was such a good story teller. She answered our questions and told us that her and M have a secret fairy garden! Wow! 

Thank you so much for coming Nanny. 😀

Trip to the fire station

On Tuesday morning we went to Congleton Fire Station. 

We met Fire Officer Rich who answered our questions and showed us around. 

He explained Fire Officers help put out fires and make sure people are safe in their houses by checking smoke detectors. He told us to check our Smoke detectors at home to make sure they work. 

He also told us about the Jaws of life that they use open up cars when people may be stuck inside.

 We learnt a Fire engine has a tank that holds the equivalent of 20 lots of bath water. He showed us how to check how much water is in the fire engine. 

    We were allowed to hold the hose pipe. 
There are grids on the floor with an F and H on them, which stands for fire fire hydrant. Near it is usually a yellow marker post to help the Fire Brigade find them. The hose pipes can reach 1000 metres.

We guessed how many hose pipes there were on the engine. There were 14 hoses .  

Fire men live near the station in case an alarm is raised. They work 4 days and nights on. Then get 4 days off.

Fire Officer a Rich showed us a Hooligan tool. They use it break doors open.

 He showed us his helmet and the inside of the engine.  
 Outside we saw the special engines that are used to pump out water when there are floods they have wider hoses – 20cm wide.


 Last but not least we could see the car that the officers use to practise their jaws of life on.

Thank you all our helpers who drove us and stayed with us. We couldn’t have gone without your help. 👍

Fire Day videos

This shows you that when you let children experience things in a safe and exciting way learning truly is “AMAZING!”.

Playing with the sparklers was a great experience. The safety talk before really helped the children to enjoy them and know what to do if they didn’t want to hold them anymore.

I was extremely impressed with how safe they all were. 

Fire Day! 🔥

Our number one rule when in Miss  Irwin’s class is always be safe. Miss Irwin planned a whole day of fire activities to make us think about how to be safe on bonfire night. 

Fireman Sam’s Bonfire Safety tips

Fire Day has been wonderful. It started with us watching Fireman Sam’s video. He taught us how to be safe around bonfires and when using sparklers. 

When we went outside we found a real fire. With Miss Irwin’s help we used our 5 senses to think and learn about the fire.

We learnt about how to put out a fire and what fire extinguishers were. We cooked some marshmallows. 

We did some fire writing. Then we got to pretend to be firemen and women.