P.E Basketball skills with Mr Wood

On Monday we practised our throwing and catching skills from this term with basketballs. Last week we learnt about how to throw and catch with a basketball and we learnt we could dribble…not with our mouths. It means to bounce and move with the ball it’s called dribbling.
This week we were practising our skills by bouncing the ball into hoops over to our partners, then without hoops. After that we had a go at dribbling a basketball to our partner across the hall.

Then we played the basketball statue game again. We were much better this week, some of us could even go around a statue without loosing our basketball.
At the end of our lesson we should Mr Wood our basketball skills because he is a wonderful basketball player. He was very impressed with us. Then he showed us some of his skills and tricks. We were very impressed. 🙂
Thanks Mr Wood.

Watch how he tricks us with the ball.

P.E – Basketball Pros

That’s right we are now learning to develop our throwing and catching skills by practising our new basketball skills!

We have been learning how to catch and throw for the last few weeks, we’ve tried different balls and hoops. Yesterday we learnt how to catch and throw a basketball, then we learnt how to bounce a basketball.

Then we tried using basketballs and we started to learn how to dribble. We played a game where we had to dribble our ball through the statues. Follow the link to see how we did!

basketball skills