Tricky word hunt! 

On Friday we had a phonics lesson outside. We had a tricky word hunt. To say it was tricky was an understatement. Miss Sheard was so sneaky where she hid the words, it was so much fun trying to find them all and it really helped us learn our tricky words.We were able to try and challenge ourselves as there were different types of words to read. Pink words were easy, purple words were tricky and green words were very tricky. Most of us challenged ourselves to read them all. 

Phonics sounds

Since we have been back to school we have been practising our new phonic sounds. We are now learning phase 3 sounds in phonics. This means we are learning graphemes (letters that makes sounds) that are now stuck together to make a new sound, sometimes this can confuse us. So we will be needing extra help to remember them.

So far we have learnt;

qu for queen

ch for church

sh for shop

th for thing

ng for strong

ai for rain

ee for sheep

Please help us at home by practising finding these around the house, in books, on signs or posters when we go out and about. Please practise writing them with us in words. A great game to play is to write them on post-its then get us to find them around the house and read them.

Below is a chart of all the graphemes we will be learning in phase 3.

If you want any games to play has lots of phonics games (which we play in school) or apps such as Hairy letters and Hairy Phonics 1, 2 and 3 would be good to get for Android and Apple tablets, they are not free but are good quality. If you want to see them in action we use them during our guided reading sessions in the morning so we could show you how they work!

Image result for hairy letters a     Review of Hairy Phonics

‘Teach your monster to read’ is also a very good reading and phonics resource as it helps children to read in the order they learn their sounds.

 Teach your monster to read. You can also access the games on computers by signing on to the site and that version is FREE!

Back to school with a bang! 🌋

Today we came back to school full of excitement and raring to go. We started by learning our new sound ‘r’ it’s so easy to do! Why not get us to show you how we can write it in words like rat and robot.

We also started learning about ‘flat 2D shapes’. Our job this week is to spot different shapes around our school. Like this rectangle we found outside.

Just before lunch we learnt about how dinosaurs might have died, there were lots of different ideas. We looked in books and learnt that maybe Volcanoes might have exploded and killed some dinosaurs!

To find out what this might have looked liked we did a science experiment. We mixed bicarbonate of soda with vinegar and a bit of fairy liquid and food colouring. It was supposed to bubble and froth up but the vinegar lid didn’t stay in the bottle when Miss Irwin squeezed it! All the vinegar shot out which created an explosion! We all screamed with excitement because it went everywhere! It was so awesome! In the afternoon we tried to redo the same experiment but it didn’t explode as much when we did it! It was fun getting messy though. 

Homework and reading books

Our first homework sheets were put in our bags on Wednesday. 

This week our homework is to complete the sound (phoneme) sheets for the letters we’ve learnt so far this week- s and a.   

If we complete our homework we get team points and stickers. If we struggle with our homework, please write it in the diary so Miss Irwin knows. She may be able to help.

We also got our first reading books on Friday. Please write in the diary when we read. We have to read the books a minimum of 2 times before they are changed.  

Outside phonics and Beebots      

On Thursday we went outside to phonics. We practised our s and a sound (phoneme) . We used water bottles, paint brushes, chalks and had letter hunts.


 It wa very exciting!

We remembered the letter formations. Can you tell?    

After playtime we learnt what’s Beebot is.  

  It’s a robot. We learnt robots are like us because we are human beings. We can use our own brains, Robots can not use their own brains unless we put orders into its brain to work. The buttons on the top of the Beebot tell it which way to go. We learnt how to make it move and how to clear its brain to give it new instructions. Then we got to have a go with our friends.

In the afternoon we met Mrs Oakes our French teacher. She said hello to us in French and we practised it with her. Then she did choosing with us to get to know all about us.

While we were choosing we also got to start making our shark hats with Mrs Hamilton.