It’s looking a bit fishy!

Our topic plan this term was to learn more about animals with the focus on sea animals. In our first week back at school we have been learning about fish. We watched many YouTube videos about fish and learnt about their gills and fins. However, it just didn’t seem real enough! 

So what better way to learn about fish than for us to actually look and touch them. As you can imagine some of us welcomed the challenge and some of us faced a fear of touching something new and unknown! 

Sad news and a funeral 😢

The morning of our return to school, we had some bad news. The smaller duckling had an accident and died after it had jumped out of its carry box and hurt itself. 

After some sad moments we decided to make sure we’d look after the one duckling that was left. To celebrate the ducklings time on earth we decided to have a funeral and write some prayers. 

Some of us wanted to read our prayers out. We used the steps as our pulpit like the big ones use in church. 

Reminder: trip tomorrow

Tomorrow morning we go on our trip to Tesco.

We will be looking around the store and learning about where food comes from. After we will be spending our money in the shop. 

If you didn’t return your child’s slip last week please make sure you bring it tomorrow morning.

Money left in school from Stockley Farm will be used to buy something tomorrow. If your child’s money was not left in school and you want them to buy something, please send them in with money tomorrow. 

Many thanks,

Miss Irwin

Checking for ducklings and using our imagination! 

Wednesday fun…

We checked the eggs for signs of life and found air sacks! This afternoon we got to use the Imagination Area. We had so much fun, exploring and role-playing.Some of us made a bus and others tried to avoid the sharks and giant squid in the sinking pirate ship. We also enjoyed eating Mr Wonkas chocolate on our house!