Moving up days

Today was the first of three moving up days. 

We came into class as normal but then after register we went down to Class Moses. We met the children and Mrs Lamb who we are going to be with next year. 

This morning we talked through the differences between our classroom and class moses’ classroom. We learnt where everything was, most importantly where the toilets were. We sat at the tables in’fab 4’s’. We looked at the behaviour ladder and noticed there was a bronze, silver and gold to work through past green. We got to move our pegs up the ladder when we showed good behaviour.

Each of us were given a stick to decorate at our new table. We wrote our names on them. They go into a pot and Mrs Lamb uses them to pick someone for jobs or to answer questions. 

We drew around our hands and coloured it in. These are going to be for our ‘helping hand jobs’. 

Some of us also managed to colour ourselves! 

To finish we wrote four sentences about ourselves, then had a story with Mrs Douce.

Miss Sherliker said we were all very well behaved and worked really hard to show Mrs Lamb how we are ready to be year 1’s. 

After lunch we went back to our classroom and wrote some secret sentences about Mrs Lamb. Tomorrow she will be asked to pick some good writers to go in our prize box. 


Our new topic, blends and surprises!Β 

We have decided our new topic is going to be a mix of learning about buildings and vehicles. This week we have made our plan for our topic. We want to learn about castles and the people who live in them. As a class we have talked about different buildings and their purpose. For our role-play we want a Garage which we started to make today.

As well as buildings we also came up with some other things we wanted to learn about so we are going to have some stand alone themed days. Please make a note of the dates below.

We will be having…

A Superhero day on our last Monday of the school year-18th July. We will be able to come dressed as Superheros of our choice (made up or from the films). Then we will have Superhero activities all day.

On Tuesday 19th of July if the weather is good we would like a water fight in the afternoon!

Also as part of our topic we have decided we would like to make our own shop. So we are inviting all our family members to ‘CafΓ© Jonah’. We will open our CafΓ© for one afternoon, on Friday the 15th of July, please try and come that day we really want you all to come. πŸ™‚ . We are going to make cakes, ice cream, ice lollies and other nice things for you to all come and buy. We will be waitresses and waiters. Our plan is to raise some money to spend on new toys for the classroom.

In phonics this week we have been practising the consonant blends at the beginning of words. 

Our topic story for the next few weeks is the traditional tale of ‘The Three Little Pigs’ . We have been watching the Disney version on YouTube, we love it! Disney’s Three Little Pigs

Miss Sherliker has been helping us to master our story telling skills. 

We have also been enjoying building our train tracks. Now it fits with our topic we want to get the train set out all the time.

We’ve also been using the diggers to move the soil about.

As for the surprise we can’t tell you what we’ve doing otherwise Daddies might find out. But here are a few clues…


Today we started our athletics lessons. Our first skill to practise this half term was running. We learnt how to use our arms to run and how to concentrate on running forwards towards the finish line.