Surprise, it’s a Reptile!

Today Miss Irwin had surprise for us.

  A bearded dragon lizard called Mikey.  
  We got to spend the whole day learning about him. First we had a hold and felt his scales.  
  We used our IPad time to take some photos of Mikey looking at his legs, claws and scales.  
Continuing with our measuring targets for this week we measured objects next to Mikey to see if he was larger or smaller than them. 
  Some of us used rulers to measure how long Mikey actually was. He was 42cm long.  
This afternoon we started our writing about Mikey and tried to you use super sentences by using punctuation. Finger spaces are the hardest so if you want to help us at home with our writing that would help us improve.

Before we went home we said a happy birthday to Miss Brindley as she turned 18 on Tuesday.


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