Superhero Day!

Rings of fire!

Spiders web! 

Kicking through the buildings!

Hitting the targets! 

Power throws!

We also made our own Superhero badges. 

We had some challenges we had to complete to improve our superhero skills. We really enjoyed it. 

In the afternoon we designed our own Superhero Challenge. 

Then we made it…

and finally we got to complete it.

Our evil villain faces. 😈

Space πŸŒπŸŒ‘πŸŒβœ¨

So we’ve been planning our new topic ‘Space’. We have thought of things we want to learn about and planned our role play, which you may have notice has been under construction this week. We are having a space station inside and rocket and space area outside.

We have also been planning our questions that we want answering: What is in space? What are the other planets like? Why do we have stars? How long does it take to get to Mars? Those are only a few of our questions.

Miss Irwin has planned a trip on the 9th of February to Jodrell Bank which includes two workshops to help us learn more about space and astronauts. Letters will be coming home soon. We will need help with transport that day.

As part of our topic we want to go to the Moon. As we learnt this week it takes 3 days to get to the moon and that we’d also need a very expensive rocket (which we don’t think we can afford on our school budget!) we think we might not be able to get there!  So we have planned to have a day when we pretend to go to the Moon instead, it’s going to be called ‘Space Day’. On that day we are allowed to come dressed as Astronauts. We were thinking black/white or silver clothes, some of us have said we already have Astronaut costumes which would be OK to wear if we have them. Please can you help us to think of our costumes in advance. Space Day will be on 16th February (last day of term).

Some of our learning this term will include designing and building. We will be making helmets, telescopes, rockets, jet packs and night skies. All of which we need to ask you to help us with.

We will need you to save some of your recycling for us.

  1. medium sized cardboard boxes.
  2. Lots of large 1l and 2l plastic bottles. ( we need 2 each).
  3. Toilet rolls.
  4. 1x glass jar per child.
  5. Any large boxes.

When it comes to days when we will be making these things we might need extra helpers to come into class, so Miss Irwin will put a post on the blog to ask if your free. 

If you have anything at home that you think might help with our topic please let us bring it into school. πŸ˜€

Bring in something from home for R.E -Monday 17th October

Image result for christian community

Dear Parents,

As part of our Religous Education lesson tomorrow we are learning about ‘The Christian Community’.

We would like your child to bring in anything that shows they are part of a group, community or team outside of school such as swimming, dancing, football, church etc. They could bring in a swimming badge, photo, uniform, kit. If you could send their item with a note to explain it that would be really helpful.

Many thanks,

Miss Irwin

It’s junk modelling time!Β 

Dear Families,

We love dinosaurs so much we want to make our own!

For our last week before half term we will be making our own dinosaur models. 

Please can you help us by collecting some recyclable materials that you think we could use for our junk modelling. Things that would be good are egg boxes, cardboard, toilet rolls, lids from bottles etc.

We will be planning what we will need to make our dinosaurs and drawing designs this next week. If when planning we decide we may need specific things for our models, we will put a list on the blog and hopefully we can all help each other collect the materials.

All recyclables need to be in school on MONDAY 17th OCTOBER. 
Thanks in advance for your support,

Miss Irwin 😁

Today we turned into scientists!

Yes it’s true! We are that clever we actually turned into scientists this afternoon! 

As soon as we put on our white scientist jackets out brains grew bigger. 

Miss Irwin set us a challenge to draw information we were going to learn about dinosaurs from watching an infrmation video.

We looked at the land, trees, water, dinosaurs and fossils. We even saw volcanoes.

Our observational drawings are on display in the classroom for you to see. 

After our science investigation we had time to explore. Some of us practised using the iPads to learn how to take good of our learning.

Jonah Town

It’s been 3 weeks in the making but today we final finished our vision of Jonah Town.πŸ‘πŸΌπŸŽ‰πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ™€β˜€οΈ
For our topic we have been leaning about different buildings. We learnt about different types of houses and had a lesson where we learnt to drawer our own houses. Then we learnt about different uses for buildings. Some clever spark had a bright idea to build a town so that’s what we did! 

We planned out buildings to go in our towns. Everyone had to have a different building for a different use. 

Then we collected our junk with help from our friends and families. Using the boxes and tubes we made our buildings (with a little help from the odd adult and our buddies). After they were constructed we painted them and added our final details.

The town outlines all came together after careful planning- thinking about how we’d make roads, if we’d have trees, cars, people, traffic lights and street lights. We used our resources and toys to make these things then gathered everything together. Then today when nobody was looking we built a whole town on the playground all by ourselves! 
Ta da!