Newsletter 7.2.14

Dear Parents,

This week has been a busy one as we have made our houses and then a town!We planned our houses at the beginning of the week and what they would look like and have inside. Then on Wednesday we spent the whole day constructing them and they are amazing! We were all very tired after a busy day of building. On wednesday we also had our class assembly where we told the school about our topic. We did very well. We have also been learning our new sounds ‘or’ and ‘ur’ which are a bit tricky because we can sometimes get them mixed up! We have also been practising counting and recognising larger numbers on number sauces. We are starting to recognise the ten number and being ale to say numbers up to 100! Our brains should really have exploded we have been that clever this week!

On Thursday we also went Bird watching to see what we could spot and we decided we needed more bird food to get more birds. So next week we will be putting up more bird feeders.

Next week we will be learning how to do big number sentences with big numbers. We will also be learning the story of the three pigs and doing some experiments. On Wednesday we will be going to the Lego Discovery Centre all day to have lego fun, Miss Irwin and miss Kippen are so excited! Then on Friday we would like to invite you all to come in for the afternoon after 2pm to see our houses and the newly completed Igloo and Mud kitchen! (Fingers crossed)

How you can help at home.
* Help us learn our new sounds and wirte them in words. We can try writing them into silly sentences. e.g. The turnip ran over the fork!
* Help us to read and write these words I, no, go, to, the, he, she, we, me, see, with, will, then, them, are, see.

For the trip we need a packed lunch from home or from Alison (if you have ordered it) and a coat, nothing else. NO MONEY will be taken to the shop as we will not be buying anything.
School Disco is Thursday 5-7pm tickets to be bought in school before the night. Any help offered please speak to Mrs Walker.
Friday 14th open afternoon in Class Jonah at 2pm.

Have a nice weekend.
Miss Irwin and Miss Kippen

Builders Day!

Today was builders day and we all came dressed as builders and what a busy building day we have had!

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Today started with our first ever Class Assembly, we were all very brave and did our parts very well.

Then we set to building our houses with the help of some very kind mummies and grandmas.

We have worked extremely hard today and we are all really proud of our houses. When they are finished we will put them on display for everybody to see before they go home.

Newsletter 31.1.14

Happy Chinese New Year,

This week in Class Jonah we learnt about Chinese new year and the story of the animals. Then we made our own dragons by painting our hands and feet! We also had a new person join our Class and his name is Joshua.

In our topic this week we learnt about different types of jobs that people do when they work on buildings and we talked to Mrs Amies about her job as a Surveyor. We started our designs for our building day next week and thought about all the exciting things we would want in our dream house…Miss Irwin wants a swimming pool, cinema room and a pool table! 🙂 We have also been practising our counting on in numbers sentences, we used duplo to make 2 small towers and then we put them together to see how big the tower was. We have learnt our sounds short ‘oo’ for book and ‘ar’ and getting really good at recognising them and writing them in words. Today we talked about who our special person was in our lives with Mrs Armitt and what makes us special.

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Next week is a busy week for us as we have our first every Class Assembly on Wednesday morning and then straight after we have our building day ALL DAY!. ON wednesday we must come dressed as a builder or somebody who works on buildings eg. painter, plasterer, surveyor, estate agent. We need to be dressed up for assembly so we look good and also so we can make our houses really well. We will also be learning to make larger building with construction materials and looking our how things fit together.

On Wednesday it is also the school councils first ‘School Council Market’ day where they will be selling things on their stall that we can buy. They will be selling stationary, healthy snacks, cakes and a few more things. All money raised goes to the School Council and then to the projects in school they are supporting this year. Last Year they raised £50 for each class, which has been spent on playtime equipment as asked for by the children.

How you can help at home?
*Help us learn our class assembly song. Go to the blog to see the post ‘A wise man built his house”.
*Collect materials we can use to make our house for wednesday and discuss with us how and what we will be making.
*Help us to use our new sounds and words in sentences and spelling them in words.

Remember to dress up on WEDNESDAY!

Have a nice weekend
Miss Irwin and Miss Kippen