Eggs and nests.

We have been looking at photos of dinosaur egg fossils. Did you know some were as long as 16cm long. We measured it against our arms.

To understand how big some dinosaur nests we used a book. We read that nests were a similar size to a car. So we went outside to measure a car. Mrs Cross’s car to be precise.

Then we measured it again in the classroom. Miss Irwin drew around our circle for the nest then we pretended to be dinosaur eggs and  hatched out like baby dinosaurs. An Ovitapyor could have had up to 25 eggs in its nest! 

We used the dinosaur information book to find out how big some baby dinosaurs could have grown.

To see how long an Antarcosaurus actually was we went outside to measure it on the playground. 

This is how it might have looked on our playground.

Surprise, it’s a Reptile!

Today Miss Irwin had surprise for us.

  A bearded dragon lizard called Mikey.  
  We got to spend the whole day learning about him. First we had a hold and felt his scales.  
  We used our IPad time to take some photos of Mikey looking at his legs, claws and scales.  
Continuing with our measuring targets for this week we measured objects next to Mikey to see if he was larger or smaller than them. 
  Some of us used rulers to measure how long Mikey actually was. He was 42cm long.  
This afternoon we started our writing about Mikey and tried to you use super sentences by using punctuation. Finger spaces are the hardest so if you want to help us at home with our writing that would help us improve.

Before we went home we said a happy birthday to Miss Brindley as she turned 18 on Tuesday.


Dinosaur Dig

 On Monday we found a new place to explore in our outside area. We had a dinosaur dig.   
In the dinosaur dig was lots of fossils from dinosaurs. In our maths groups we had to dig them up and figure out what they were. Then we had to measure them.  

We think we found claws, teeth and rib bones!

What do you think?  


Dinosaur footprints

After the snow had fallen over night, Miss Irwin found something strange left behind the next morning in the mud kitchen. She had taped it off and kept it safe so we could go and see it. 

At first we weren’t sure what it was but on closer inspection we decided it was a footprint there was a discussion about wether it was human or not, but when we looked at the toes we knew it couldn’t be human as it only had 3 toes.


When we looked at it closer in comparison to our feet we realised it could have been a dinosaur footprint! 

We had to talk with our friends about a way we could measure it.

We decided to use multi link. We all had a guess at how long the footprint was. Then we measured to see who was the nearest. It measured 64 multi link. We hope we never have to meet this dinosaur! 

How do you make a T-Rex’s jaw? 

Good question? We think so, that’s why we made it part of our maths lesson today.

Firstly you will need some T-Rex facts. 

Did you know a T-Rex’s jaw was 1.2m long and filled with 50-60 teeth.

When you have the facts you need to see what the jaws would look like.

Then you need to know how to draw the teeth.

We learnt how to measure with a ruler and draw a tooth.   
 We then cut them out then put them in the jaw outline.   
Look at our T-Rex jaw.

Just see how big it was we tried to see how many children the T-Rex could eat in one go. The answer is all of class Jonah! 

Making magic potions

Monday was a very wet day but it wasn’t too wet for us as we went to the mud kitchen with Miss irwin to make some magic potions.

But before we could learn how to make magic potions we had to learn how to count in 100’s as the containers we would be using had big 100 numbers on them.

Miss Irwin wasn’t so sure our brains we big enough for hundreds she said it was Year 1 work, but guess what we blew her mind and she says if we can do it next week all the way to 1000 she might faint from shock!

After the hundreds we looked at how to measure liquids using measures in millilitres and litres. We discussed the different containers and had a guess at which ones we thought held the same water- was it the tallest? Was it the biggest? Was it the one with the most numbers?

To find out how to measure we had to go and make magic potions. Each group measured the ingredients into the mixing bowl and were really careful with measurements because Miss Irwin said if the measurements were not right the potions wouldn’t work!

If you look at our labels on the bottles you will see their are some strange and hard to find ingredients but luckily Miss Kippen had collected enough ingredients in the morning for us all to use them- and yes there are trolls on the field and that is why the troll snot was still warm in the morning because Miss Kippen had just got some from the field! But as Miss Irwin explained to us the trolls are only very small and actually very kind, but we will probably not see them at lunch times when we go up as they don’t like noisy children!

As well as making potions we also wrote our own potions and next week we will be making them. If you have any old plastic bottles we can have to put our lotions in, we would really appreciate it.

Measuring and shows!

On Wednesday we spent the morning learning how to measure our growing plants with rulers and recording it on our chart. We have used rulers for measuring before and are now feeling quite skilled at measuring. We will measure them again soon to see if they have grown.

We also found a surprise from Percy in the shed. He had got us some nice things to put in our Garden Centre and said he had also ordered us a surprise that would come in the post!
Later on in the afternoon during our choosing time some of us played with hoola hoops and decided we wanted to put on a show. The boys on the train building decided they wanted to be involved. Some of us wrote invitations for people to come to the show, the girls playing in the mud then set to making some nice mud pie easter chocolate cake. Miss Kippen and Miss Irwin had a great time at the show and even threw flowers (as instructed by us) to the performers at the end!

We are hoping to do a lot more shows soon.