Glebe farm visit

This afternoon we walked over to the farm to gather information For our topic and learn about farm shops and farm animals. 

First we went into the shop to see what they were selling. 

Then we gave Hannah the money for our animal food bags and tractor ride and set off to the tractor. 

We spotted the lamas, ponies and the church. 

After the tractor ride we got to feed tge animals. Thete was cows, pifs, goays, donkeys, chickens abnd new baby lambs. 

We were very lucky because they let us feed the baby lambs.

onmoyrbway back to school we fed the lamas. 

It was a great hour spent at the farm and we came back with some good ideas for our farm. 

Thank you to all those mummies who came to help. We hope you enjoyed it too. 😃

Glebe Farm visit

On Wednesday 4th March we are walking over to Glebe farm at 1.30 to see the animals, tractor and farm shop. 

When we were planning our topic we said we wanted to go across the road. So we are going to look at the shop to get ideas for our farm shop. 

The farm have said we can go on a ride and feed the animals. We need to bring £2 to pay for the food. This will be good practise for us in using our new money recognition skills. This last week we have been trying to remember all the british coins. 

If any parents or family members wish to join us on our walk over to the farm and feeding of the animals, please let Miss Irwin know. The more the merrier 😃. 

Hopefully, on Friday we will be able to discuss the difference between Glebe Farm and Stockley Farm. 

How to buy an ice cream.

On Thursday afternoon we walked over to Glebe Farm with one purpose-to buy and ice cream with our money.

We have been learning about money for a few days now and have slowly started getting used to how to use coins together to make different amounts. So we had the opportunity to take our money to the lady and buy and ice cream, a perfect chance to practise.

We had to choose our ice cream, ask how much it cost then see if we had the right money to buy the ice cream.We were all very good at be responsible with our money and using our manners.

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After our ice creams we went for a walk around the farm to look at the animals. It was a lovely afternoon.

Thank you to those mummies who were able to come and help us. 🙂

Trip to Glebe Farm-Change of Date


It has come to Miss Irwin’s attention that on Wednesday 7th there has been a clash of calendars with Ed’s birthday gathering.
Therefore our trip to Glebe Farm will now be on the Thursday 8TH afternoon at the same time. If there are any free adults to accompany us please let Miss Irwin know.

Kind regards
Miss Irwin

Trip to Glebe Farm next Wednesday afternoon

glebe farm official
To carry on with our learning of coins and how to use money, Miss Irwin would like to take us to spend some money. We are going to go to the farm next week to practise our coin recognition and counting skills. If there are any mummies, daddies or grandparents who are free next Wednesday the 7th at about 1.30 we would appreciate the adult help with walking over and to keep us company for an hour.

We will need to bring some money with us to have an ice cream- £2.00.
The money can be given to Miss Irwin on the day and she will put it in an envelope with our name on it.