Today we came back to school to our new topic of farming. We had a look at our new Farm shop and farm outside and got straight into our new responsibilities of mucking out, making duck ponds and obviously shopping. 

There were a few stray sheep we had to keep our eyes on! The lack of money in the til was a bit of a problem. 

After playtime we had heard the Feiry had flown into the play ground. We went to see if not was true and found money scattered all around the place! She’d heard we had no money for the shop and had brought us some! Our target this week in maths is to learn about coins and what they look like and how to use them in the shop. 

This afternoon we started our new P.E subject- a Rugby 😃 . We got to learn how to play tag rugby by wearing Velcro belts and tags. It was awesome, we loved it. 

How to buy an ice cream.

On Thursday afternoon we walked over to Glebe Farm with one purpose-to buy and ice cream with our money.

We have been learning about money for a few days now and have slowly started getting used to how to use coins together to make different amounts. So we had the opportunity to take our money to the lady and buy and ice cream, a perfect chance to practise.

We had to choose our ice cream, ask how much it cost then see if we had the right money to buy the ice cream.We were all very good at be responsible with our money and using our manners.

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After our ice creams we went for a walk around the farm to look at the animals. It was a lovely afternoon.

Thank you to those mummies who were able to come and help us. 🙂

Little bit of shopping!

We do like a little bit of shopping in Class Jonah even the boys!

Today we started the day with a coin hunt. Mr Naylor had hidden some coins outside and we had to find them…which is often tricky when Mr Naylor hides them! After we found our coins we then set about learning what the different coins were. We looked at the different colour of the coins, their sizes, the numbers on them and what shape they were. Then we learnt their names and amounts. Our targets this week are to remember the different coins, their names and how much they are worth.

After our work with Miss Irwin we did some shopping in the Garden Centre. We had to go to the shop and use our coins to buy something. We bought lots of things and even took them off to continue our learning. Some of us collecting woodlice in the flower pots, some making holes and building in the mud kitchen and some of us to plant our own seeds and label them.

Fun times!

The Jonah smoothie shop

What a morning we had making our smoothie shop. We opened the gate and and moved out tables and chairs for our customers. We cleaned down the tables and put on table cloths, then put up our Shop sign, posters and bunting.






Meanwhile we were making the
Smoothies with Miss Kippen and Mrs Arkle- strawberry and raspberry, chocolate, banana and our special ( thanks to Ben’s mum) pineapple and mango.
Then came playtime where we took it in turns to sell our smoothies. We sold out of chocolate very quickly.






We used our maths skills to check the money we were given.
After playtime we counted our takings… we made £26.80! 🙂

To celebrate we then had our smoothies outside!


What a great shop and great sales people we were.

Miss Irwin said our brains are so big this week from setting up our business we have brains as big as adults!

Alan Sugar would be proud! We’ve tried and tested products, designed and made our smoothies and voted on them. We wrote recipes and instructions, designed our own advertising, made our shop and counted our takings. Just call us the Mini Apprentices!

Learning about money!

Today we have been learning about money.Our target is to talk about the different coins and to try and recognise them. We have learnt the coins and are trying to remember what they are by their colour and the number on them. We know that when we write them we can write them with a ‘p’ after and the p stands for pence. We’ve also spotted a ‘funny looking 3’ which Miss Irwin says is the sign for pounds £.

We worked with Miss Irwin learning about the money using the money fans. Then we went to Miss Kippen in her Pet Shop and practised using it. We also got some good advise from Miss Kippen on how to look after our pets.

  1. ‘Don’t put your finger in a snakes mouth’
  2. Corn snakes don’t actually eat cornflakes
  3. Your not allowed to ride you scooter in the Pet Shop or you can get band!

Good advise Miss Kippen 🙂