Dinosaur nests

This week in our topic we are learning about dinosaur eggs and nests. We learnt from our information books that dinosaur eggs were as big as 25cm to 45cm long. We also learnt that dinosaurs could have up to 25 eggs in a nest to look after. This means that the dinosaur’s nests must have been pretty big, but how big?

Miss Irwin read the information and it said the nest could be as big as a car. So we went outside to measure Miss Irwin’s car.

To measure the car we realised rulers and metre sticks wouldn’t work, they were too small. So we measured it with ourselves. We all held hands and could fit around the car in one big circle. 

To make the circle inside we held hands in a circle and stretched out. Then we put chairs where we stood to mark the circle. We then pretended to be baby dinosaurs in the eggs in the nest. Miss Irwin was the mummy dinosaur .


It was great fun! 

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