How big is an Anclosaurus? 

 This week we have been focussing on our measuring. 

We asked Miss Irwin last week if we could measure out a giant dinosaur and we already had a plan how to do it. Some of us remembered how we measured the whale shark with the ‘wheel measurer’ (also known as a measuring wheel) and said we wanted to use that. So we did.    
  Edited had to measure 15metres.   
  We stopped every time it clicked because that meant the wheel had measured 1 meter.  

Working as pairs and in teams we marked each meter.
  Then we drew a line from our starting position to our end mark to see how long the dinosaur was.   

  Miss Irwin drew a dinosaur the size of a duck to show us the smallest dinosaur to compare to our Anclosaurus.  Some of us wanted to see if the dinosaur could be measured I the hall. So we went to find out. 

To find out the answer if the dinosaur fit in our school hall you’ll have to ask us!  😀 

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