Dinosaur footprints

After the snow had fallen over night, Miss Irwin found something strange left behind the next morning in the mud kitchen. She had taped it off and kept it safe so we could go and see it. 

At first we weren’t sure what it was but on closer inspection we decided it was a footprint there was a discussion about wether it was human or not, but when we looked at the toes we knew it couldn’t be human as it only had 3 toes.


When we looked at it closer in comparison to our feet we realised it could have been a dinosaur footprint! 

We had to talk with our friends about a way we could measure it.

We decided to use multi link. We all had a guess at how long the footprint was. Then we measured to see who was the nearest. It measured 64 multi link. We hope we never have to meet this dinosaur! 

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