May Day preperations

Last week we went out to deliver our letters we had been writing to the neighbours. We wrote to them about the our May Day stall and asked if they would like to buy any raffle tickets. 

Before posting our letters we turned our classroom into a post office. We decorated our envelopes and put raffle tickets in with our letters.

After sorting out letters we set off on our delivery round. 

On our way back we learnt about road signs, pedestrian crossings, speed limits and how to make lorries honk their horns!😀

We will be going back on Thursday to see if there will be any raffle tickets waiting for us. 
We have done our bit for May Day so now it’s time for you to help aswell. We need you to sign up for a time slot to help out on our raffle stall. Our stall has great views of the dancing, will be opposite the fire engine and is usually close to the food. Miss Irwin will be asking you to sign up. The time slots are only for 15 minutes. Please help us to raise lots of money (also to beat all the other classes at raising the most money). 

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