May Queen and little Maids

  As Astbury School we have a wonderful tradition in taking part in the yearly event of May Day. This is a day when the whole community of the village comes together to celebrate the new May Queen of the year. The Queen is chosen from our school as are her attendants. The whole school is involved in dances and each class has a stall to run where all the money raised comes back to school. There is also food and drink tents, local business stalls, rides and last year we even had the fire service with a fire engine. It’s a wonderful family day for everyone to enjoy.

On Friday in Celebration worship we had the draw for who would be the school’s new May Queen and Chelsea was picked out of the hat. The current Queen Lily-Lou will retire in May and Chelsea will have her ceremony and take her place as the new Queen. As part of the tradition every little girl in Reception will be a little maid to the new queen. This means they will be in photos, sit on the throne with her and be a big part of the day.

As part of the girls maids costumes they wear all white dresses provided by school. They are asked to wear white pumps to accompany the dresses. These can often be tricky to find at the time. Lucky for us Rufus’ mummy noticed that there were white pumps for sale in Marks and Spencer’s now! We thought it might be worth while letting parents know now.

Little boys in Recepton also are part in the day.They become part of the procession and get to wear little shorts and waist coats provided by school. Parents are asked to provide white shirts to go underneath their waistcoats. Boys wear black pumps.

More information on May Day will be posted as we get nearer to May. Please keep your eye on the school newsletters and this blog. 

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