So far we have raised £203!

😬 Yes it’s true. From writing our letters and delivering them to our  neighbours we managed to raise £203 so far!

On Thursday we walked around Astbury to collect all our envelopes. We hoped people had read our letters and wanted to buy raffle tickets. We were very surprised and very grateful as lots of people did. We even got to talk to some of them and they thanked us for their letters. 

As well as collecting letters we also stopped into Astbury Care home to meet some older ladies and gentlemen and have a quick chat. Some of the people we met were older than us, they were between 86 and 92 years old. They really liked meeting us and we liked meeting then too. 

After our walk we watched the May Day Commitee and helpers putting up the tents for May Day.
With all our hard work and lots of walking we think that we may have beat the other classes at making the most money! 

Thank you to all the parents who were able to help on the stall on Saturday. Your help was very much     appreciated. 

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