Our first FREE school meal


Today was the first day we stayed for lunch. We went down to see Alison and she gave us all the food we ordered in the morning. We all did really well at learning our new routine of lining up for our food, sitting in our class places, eating as much of of lunch as possible then finally tidying up our plates. Miss Irwin and Miss Kippen were very impressed with how grown up we were. Well done Class Jonah. 😃

This morning we also tried writing our letter S. Look how good we were. We know to write S we have to curl out, IMG_9901.JPGcurl in, then curl out again it’s very tricky!

We also played with some more new toys- model foam, marble runs, chalks and in Percy’s shed.




We also started thinking about our topic this term, which is Julia Donaldson books. We read the Gruffalo and are thinking about what role play we would like. Any ideas from home would be great.


3 responses to “Our first FREE school meal

  1. Gruffalo ideas: go for a walk see if you can find snake in the log pile house (next to the rectory) or owl’s tree top house (do they still have owls at Glebe farm)


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